<a href="https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7229593" rel="nofollow">https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7229593</a> Works just like a GM Roll.... only the player doesn't see the dice roll result. Useful applications: Thief rolls to "Hide in Shadows" (the thief has no idea if he or she is actually successful.) Player rolls to "disbelieve" an event to test for illusion (player doesn't know if the he or she was successful, they only now the event is still going on.) Players rolling on a critical hit table he or she knows all too well (allows the GM to fudge dice roll if the dice roll in not inline with RP narrative.) Now the GM could just make all these rolls to themselves, however this allows the player to interact more with the game, its their roll, they just can't see the outcome. I went with "!broll" for blind roll and it works just like a "/gmroll" only the player can't see their dice roll. So... "!broll 1d100+10 to pick pocket Jimmy" Would result in the player seeing: "Secret roll sent to GM (1d100+10 to picket pocket Jimmy)" with no dice roll result. And the GM would see and normal GM Roll result: "PlayerName: [(To GM) rolling] [rolling 1d100+10 to picket pocket Jimmy] [(38)+10] = [48]" (Thanks to Stephen L., I just pulled from his Heal API what I needed for this.)