System: Pathfinder Time: Saturdays around 6 pm CST, weekly  A civil war rages in the shadows of a busy metropolis, those born with latent magical talents hunted like criminals. The ruthless Iron Inquisition leading the charge to purge their city from all who have access to mystical arts. Scheming nobles and merchants pining for whichever side they favor, supporting both ends of the spectrum. Those who possess magical prowess either live in hiding or join secret cults to thwart off the burdens of the law.  The style of the game will be intrigue in a urban setting. There will be plenty of combat, but if you plan to play a barbarian with a charisma score of 7 you are going to have a difficult time. Character Application: Name: Backstory: Race: Class: I hope to see those interesting character concepts, if you have any questions please feel free to message me or post your question here. Game time, but not day are mutable to better suit the final group.