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Dynamic Lighting Bug? Token disappeared, yet still producing light.


Edited 1480964098
EDIT: Solved, I'm an idiot and moved the token to the DL layer by accident.  This hides it if you are viewing any other layer. --------- D&D 5E, Lost Mine of Phandelver module. I was modifying the dynamic lighting in the Redbrand Hideout of the LMoP module.  I have a test token I use to move around to test the lighitng, both with CTRL+L and the "re-join as player" button. I did a re-join as player, was on the wrong page/map, so re-joined as GM, then when I switched back to the hideout...   the light for my test token was still showing the but the token disappeared!  See attached image to see what I mean.   There's literally nothing in this room that should be producing that light and there's token or anythign I can click on to remove it. I have tried selecting all over, I tried ensuring the map graphic was in the lowest layer, I tried re-adding my test token....  I can't seem to add the test token OR remove this light source.  This isn't game-break but it is annoying and I'd like to fix it (or know what mistake i made?) Thanks for any help!
Okay NEVERMIND.  I'm an idiot.  I moved the token to the Dynamic Lighting layer.   Resolved.