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Edited 1481546059
First up, without Sebastian sorting out trade for us, I'd be happy to pick up the ball using Grobble as our trade guy unless anyone else is keen to get into this. He has no broker skill, but that's not actually a huge problem. You can hire brokers for a small fee, and sellers are usually very easy to find at A, B or C class starports (DM +6, +4, +2 respectively). And if you can't find one you can hire a guide to take you to one. So it's totally possible to trade without having the skills. It's just that we may not get the huge profit margins that we used to get.  Without rolling, here's the list of goods available for sale on Regina. The green stuff has a good purchase DM, but we'd be rolling it all up to see if we get lucky with anything. When we find a supplier we'd roll up another 1d6 items for sale. The Purchase DM on this table includes the purchase DM minus the sale DM based on Regina being a Rich, High Tech, Garden world. The trade codes on the Traveller Map are T^5 so I had to do a little bit of homework to get the right code. GOODS Purch. DM Base Qty Basic Electronics 3 10000 1d6x10 Basic Machine Parts 0 10000 1d6x10 Basic Manufactured Goods 0 10000 1d6x10 Basic Raw Materials 2 5000 1d6x10 Basic Consumables 1 2000 1d6x10 Basic Ore 0 1000 1d6x10 Advanced Electronics 1 100000 1d6x5 Advanced Machine Parts 0 75000 1d6x5 Advanced Manufactured Goods -2 100000 1d6x5 Advanced Weapons 2 150000 1d6x5 Advanced Vehicles 0 180000 1d6x5 Cybernetics -2 250000 1d6 Medical Supplies 1 50000 1d6x5 Robots -1 400000 1d6x5 Vehicles 1 15000 1d6x10 Live Animals 0 10000 1d6x10 Luxury Consumables -2 20000 1d6 Spices -3 6000 1d6x5 Wood -2 1000 1d6x10
I didn't include Illegal goods in the table above. I didn't think snooping around for a black market was a great idea. But if you guys are keen to take a gamble here are the illegal goods available on High Tech, Rich Garden worlds: Illegal Weapons 2 150000 1d6x5 Illegal Cyber -8 250000 1d6 Illegal Luxuries -6 50000 1d6 The Advanced Weapons on the first table should probably be added to here seeing that it's unlikely we'd be able to purchased Advanced Weapons on Regina legally. Core Rulebook does have something to say about that on p164 & 173.
DESTINATION I'm guessing that we may be heading off toward Beck's world soon. The professor who was just shot said that she had recently returned from Beck's World, and that her assistant was still there (?). I figured that if we're going to follow up on the colonel 2.0 drama and maybe that business about the G band then Beck's World seems like a solid destination. Not sure where else we'd be going if not there. While there are a few different routs we could take to Becks, I'm thinking that REGINA to YORI YORI to WOCHIERS WOCHIERS to ENOPE ENOPE to BECK'S WORLD. There is an extra jump in there - the stop off at Enope. It adds one week to our trip but we if we can pick up a few tons of radioactives (from Yori) precious metals (form Wochiers) and other goodies along the way we can make a killing selling it all at an industrial world like Enope. If folks aren't keen on spending that extra week to gain a bit of extra cr we could head straight up through Roup. Enope is also non-agricultural so we may be able to pick up something that sells well from both Regina and Roup.
Alby, Have you, as Grobble, updated the Company Records to date?  R.V. has a need to know what the current shares value of Artemis Group is worth.  Remember that he is secretly trying to go legitimate and eventually work the four-corners of Gvurrdon , Tuglikki , Spinward Marches , and Deneb Sectors and has a significant role to play in the coming years leading up to the Rebellion in 1116. Though our Urzaeng as a former Corsair is the company's representative to the low-life, red-light, underworld, he is still trying to become a respectable, Prospecting, belter and business Vargr. If the numbers are up to date, I need to look at them again and see where R.V. stands in his credit account.  Sitting around and waiting for those supremely over-rated moments to shred furniture with a Magrail Support Weapon at 100 rounds/second seems counterproductive. The credit-pinching Pakkrat
The numbers aren't up to date. Will need to look into updating that. Going to check back on the last rolls I made with bob and see if I can fill in the blanks.
(( Hope it's okay with you bob - I went ahead and made the rolls for each cargo lot. Rolls should be pretty clear in the chat record )) The freight lots in Bold are the ones we actually picked up and delivered. For freight we get paid 1400cr per ton per 3 parsec trip. Each high passenger pays 20,000cr per 3 parsec trip. Regina to Roup High Passage : 10, 200,000cr Incidental (7 lots) (1d6 tons each) 3 , 2,3,2,3,6,1 Minor (11 lots) (1d6 x 5 tons) 30,20 , 15,30,5,10,30,25,30,20,10 Major (2 lots) (1d6 x 10 tons) 10, 50 Total: 113 dtons, 158200 Roup to Alell High Passage : 10, 200,000cr Incidental 11 (1d6 tons) 3 , 1,6,3,4,5,3,3,6,2,2 Minor 16 (1d6 x 5 tons) 30 , 10 ,25,10,25,25,5,10,15,15,5,10,5,30,25,30 Major 12 (1d6 x 10 tons) 50,30,20 , 20,50,40,60,50,40,40,60,10 Total: 113 dtons, 158200

Edited 1487504479
Basic breakdown of profits and costs. This covers the month we travelled from Regina to Roup, and then from Roup to Alell. Regina-Roup 358200 Roup-Alell 358200 Life Support -74000 Fuel -76800 Maintenance -82620 Crew salary - 97,500 TOTAL 385480 For a little more detail: Life Support 19 single staterooms (2000/month) 12 double staterooms (3000/month) 74000cr Fuel (100cr/ton)  360t per jump, 48t/month 76800cr Maintenance 82620cr Crew salary: 97,500cr I'll make a post in the Pay Day thread once I can confirm what the current game date is. I get the feeling that it's been a while since it was updated.

Edited 1487504701
PAYDAY for 244-111 Charoux 8000cr Jacob Crow 8000cr Jeff Scardack 8000cr Kayleb 8000cr Sebastien 8000cr Izak Mazel 8000cr Gerald 8000cr Drex 8000cr Taroon 8000cr Rrounllakhs Vukhikhloeg 8000cr Grobble 6000cr Glaz Osridro 6000cr Zaksvidani Gharu 6000cr
R.V. has been using the company debit card for the Life Support and Maintenance of the Star Hunter , right up until he cashes out of the Artemis Group, (date listed on the company records spreadsheet).  When that information catches up to the Athena  is up to Bob, but include the month of Life Support and Mantenance in the company expenditures.  After that, R.V. pays for the Star Hunter  himself.   He does no trade.  Barely uses Comms and when he does, it's just for bare minimum Starship Operations.  But that final paycheck does him some gambling money somewhere.  That and a celebratory amber mead and a thick, saucy steak. To the Extents and beyond.

Edited 1487534632
Really? When was RV authorized to use the company debt card? Did Charoux or someone else give RV permission to spend company money? And I noticed the cash out ... I'm not so sure about that either. Just saying that it's a stretch to assume our characters can move around large amounts of company money without either the purser, the captain or the board signing off on it.
There’s probably a legal clause in our contracts that will keep RV from being paid out until he returns his “stolen merchandise”. Commandeering for the sake of making an escape is one thing; whatever it is that RV is currently doing is something else entirely.
Tenacious Techhunter said: There’s probably a legal clause in our contracts that will keep RV from being paid out until he returns his “stolen merchandise”. Commandeering for the sake of making an escape is one thing; whatever it is that RV is currently doing is something else entirely. I get the feeling that "legal clauses" aren't really on RV's mind. ;) That said, I don't think cashing out of a company is like taking cash out of an ATM. Especially seeing that it's likely that we'd actually have to sell assets or take out a loan to pay him out ( depending on when he does it ). Paying someone out is a very deliberate transaction that would have to be signed off on. Taking the money and running seems very unrealistic.
Doing this here because I'd rather not start a new thread. We need to sort out the ship share situation. If I have it figured out right, the company value of each share depends on the total amount of money that has been invested into the company. At the moment, the share value does not include the investments of Grobble, Glaz and  Zak. This is a big deal as it affects share value for folks cashing out like RV. It also determines how many votes you make when electing a shareholder rep. We did work Grobble's shares out a while back, but the sheet was never updated. Is there any chance we can sort this out this wednesday (1st March)?
I’m online, but other than a comment here and there, I’m not really in a position to make sure things are done correctly...