A group of 5 looking for a DM for Friday nights 9pm EST for weekly games. we are a group who has played together for a few months but lost or previous DM to real life obligations and now looking for another. few things we're looking for is a DM who: has great prep works; doesn't need to be 100% planned out and such but not scrambling to wing it. If we don't follow your exact plan, flexibility is key. Open to use stuff from SCAG, EE, Volo's and UA. Good balance of story and combat, we are down to have a heavy story game that is player driven but also like neat and fun battles. We love homebrew worlds so if you have a unique and interactive world made and ready to go you get bonus points! We would prefer not to start lv1 so 3 or 5 would be ideal levels to begin at, up to dm! we don't mind rolling for stats but normal 27 point buy is our preferred method as it keeps everyone at a relatively same power level stat wise. we do have players that enjoy using crafting tools and such for neat ideas within reason and have homebrew systems to work them (willing to link for a review, of course, to use at DM  discretion) We use discord for voice and Roll20 for everything else, feel free to leave a post on how you dm and what you offer to the group and your style and so on! Please leave your discord ID as well or you can send all this to me in a PM if you want to do it that way. I will be adding and having a small interview with those who apply on discord just to have you get to know us and us get to know you and answer or ask any questions from you or from us. Experience: How do you dm and how would you rate yourself?: What do you think makes your world/style of DMing enjoyable?: Thank you to all those who apply and hope you have a wonderful day!