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Webhooks - Simple integration for Discord and other platforms

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(Disclamer: I play D&D, so any game related terms you see here may be references from that system) Hi, It seems that there are many people who don't like the voice/video functionality of roll20 (not complaining, just stating an unfortunate fact). I have also see many people mentioning how awesome would be to have roll20 integrated with discord (somehow). I haven't thought much about it BUT, I saw something that would be defenetly interesting to integrat and I think it would be simple enough to do without the need of any (complex) "integration" between both platforms. I'm refering to Webhooks . Discord support Webhooks bots and it would be amazing if we could activate webhooks for a game and every time someone makes an action on the chat (like making attack rolls, ability checks, etc..) the webhook could be used, which would show the corresponding information on Discord. Just thought it would be a simple but yet powerfull idea of "1st integration" between the two systems. Many thanks. ( Notes: you can see some references to webhooks on discord here - <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>)
Now that google hangouts is sunsetting the a discord webhook would be tiiiiiight.
Would be pretty sweet!
Apologies for necromancy, but was this ever addressed?
Now that Discord is now allowing screenshare / better streaming integration, there might be some additional benefits with integration.
Don't feel bad for the necro, this is still important and relevant.
Make this happen please
I don't know if it would work in this direction, but I'd love to be able to stay in Roll20 but see who is talking in Discord.
Marketplace Creator
We are at the point where Discord has access to DnD Beyond paid content via the Avrae bot- are we going to see anything lie this for our Roll20 content?
I'm searching for a way to send discord chat to roll20.&nbsp; Our group uses discord for voice and I have a hearing impared player and would like to use a speech to text bot on discord which then gets sent to roll20 chat.
Rob G. said: I'm searching for a way to send discord chat to roll20.&nbsp; Our group uses discord for voice and I have a hearing impared player and would like to use a speech to text bot on discord which then gets sent to roll20 chat. did you happened to have any progress about this?
Love this idea! All of my groups use Discord as well and a closer integration would make life significantly easier for all of us.
This is a three-year-old suggestion. I wouldn't hold my breath. We still can't even print character sheets or get a folder structure for pages.&nbsp;
This is item #1 on my Roll20 Wish List.
Webhook integration (both in chat and in the journal editor) would be helpful for integration with a number of external tools. From looking at the Suggestions &amp; Ideas forums, I can see this enabling useful integrations with Discord, Spotify, Syrinscape, etc. Allowing chat to be configured to automatically hit a particular Webhook in a hidden IFRAME on chat events would allow these events to be reflected in a separate Discord chat. Similarly, inbound webhooks on the roll20 side could allow a Discord chatbot to trigger rolls and similar actions as a result of chat happening on the Discord side. On the journal editor side, the ability to add a link / button as a webhook (so it directs a hidden IFRAME to a URL and either ignores the result or somehow reflects when the IFRAME has successfully loaded with an HTTP 200) and ideally to replace an authorisation token in the URL would allow for DM's or content producers to intersperse Syrinscape / Spotify hooks in content (without having to close tabs that pop open with the current linking approach).
Any movement on this yet?
Forum Champion
if there are neat and clever ways to mashup the internet and let Roll20 hook into Discord with some data, Let's do this!&nbsp; +1
Imagine the possibilities if only we could interact with the chat with webhooks. I could have my voice assistant running commands for my games. "Ey voice bot, roll strength for player1.
man this post is so old, but yuuuuus!
+1 Would love to see something like this happen