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LFP, 5E DnD, 7PM EST on Saturday's

Hey all, first of all, thank you for taking the time to read this post :-) I am in a 5E group and our DM would like to bring in a couple of new players.  We have had a loss of 2 players and are looking at replacing those characters.  The group is currently 3rd level and are a t a point where a couple of players could be an easy intro into the group.  We have finished assisting some folks in a small town, so we are taking a break in said town and it would be mighty convenient to meet new folks :-) As mentioned in the title, game is scheduled for Saturdays at 7 - 7:30 PM EST, we currently use discord for voice.  If you are interested, drop me a PM or post here... once again, thanks for reading the post.
I am a forever DM and i am so down to play. My current group just disbanded
Lol, I feel your pain :-)  I usually DM/GM a lot and one of the first times I have had to play.  Dropping you a PM with my discord info.
Hey there! I would be interested in joining if there is still availability. I've been DMing Pathfinder for about the past five years or so and would very much be interested in joining a 5e game to switch things up a bit.
I'd be game to join. I'm an old hand in D&D, and I'm willing to play whatever class is needed to help out the group, as well.
DM pick up a couple and is going over game with them.  Let me see how it goes and will update here tonight. Thank you for all the responses :-)
I'm interesting in joining a Saturday night game.  If a spot opens back up, please throw me a PM.  Thanks!
Well since the holidays are coming up and they align with the days we want to play, our group is going to hold of playing til early next year (maybe the 7th of Jan).
Just a reminder bump (more for me)
wait i thought people were found?
We found a couple, but one (or two) will be unable to play when we start up in early January.