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[LFP] [D&D 5E] Homebrew campaign - Mondays 18h30 EST


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40 years later, you find yourselves on the island where the great battle between the evil sorcerer Mozgoroth and the heroes of the past has happened. You all wake up one day with something growing inside of you, a gift of some sort, yet to be revealed but you can feel it; you are the chosen ones. As this "gift" is awakening, you feel yourselves drawn to this little village, a crossroads somewhat, at the end of the desert near the entrance of the once beautiful forest which linked both parts of the island. You find yourselves in the desert of Nuisug, 40 years after the great battle between the evil sorcerer Mozgoroth and the heroes of the past has happened. The aftermath has left part of the land in horrible state. The forests have become tainted by the sorcerer's blood and killed anyone and everyone who dared pass through them to get to the other side of the island. Yet, you have this feeling that this isn't the end of it. There's something much much worse about to happen, or has it already begun ? No contact has been made between both sides since the battle has emerged. Is there still life on the other side ? Were the elves able to keep the nature alive ? What happened to those who fought the sorcerer ? Will you be the one(s) to uncover the secrets of an ancient battle and save the people from all the evil in these lands ? We shall see... - We are looking for 1  stable  player who can attend at least 90%  of the sessions to take part in his homebrew campaign. If you do not believe that you will be able to commit to a weekly campaign, please do not apply as it wastes everyone's time and messes up character developement and story progression. We use standard d&d 5e rules, and a few optional rules are added if most players agree (such as flanking rules, etc.). All characters start as level 1 and the first session will begin on January 2nd at 18:30 EST. We are looking for players who are willing to roleplay and develop their characters as your "gift" will evolve as your character gains levels and progresses throughout the story. This "gift" is unique for every character according to their personality and fighting style. Please keep in mind that this is not an evil campaign, but takes part in a somewhat evil setting as most of the land is corrupted/tainted. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or send me a private message. For those who want to apply, fill out the simple application found below and send it over by a private message or by posting here. *Note: We will be using discord for voice and this is a diverse group with different accents amongst the players. Also, most if not all of us are above the age of 25 so this is a more mature group where we do like to diss each other as some of us play together in other games. - Name: Age: Experience: Character idea (race, class, backstory):
Name: Stephen Age: 20 Experience: <10 sessions of playing 5e, but currently DMing a campaign Character idea (race, class, backstory): Race: Stout Halfling or Variant Human Class: Monk Background: Sailor Backstory: I grew up on a small fishing town, helping my parents get by. It was only when i was a little boy when my father was taken away to fight in some battle. I was too young to remember or understand much. My mother passed soon after, and I, a boy of age 10 was left alone in this village, with a small fishing business and no one to help me. I managed to get a job on a boat working for my food, but I knew that wasn't the life for me. Once we were on a route to a different island, and I took that opportunity to run. I ran and I never looked back. I found myself at a temple, since I had no where to stay and figured they would at least help me out for one night. That night changed everything. The fulfillment in their eyes, their sense of peace, I knew that was what i wanted. Master Gyisho began to teach me, and over the next decade, I learnt everything he could teach me. At the ripe age of 21, I realized that I missed the sea, and bought a small boat, The Sea Weaver. It was one day when i was exploring some new waters that the waves got rough very quickly. I lost control, and went under. The next thing I knew, I was on a beach of some island. Ever since I woke up, something felt different. I can't tell what, but I have a feeling this island is calling to me. 
Name: Matthew Age: 28 Experience: 1 year of roll 20 5e Homebrew Campaign as a player. Love me some Critical Role, Nerdarchy, and Drunken & Dragons. Have the PHB and DMG and have read through them. Have ran multiple mini adventures, one shots, and I am currently DMing Storm King's Thunder. Character idea (race, class, backstory): I would like to talk with the DM about a location on the island that the elves seem to inhabit but no contact has been made. My character would be heavily influenced in design towards a White lion of Chrace from Warhammer Fantasy. Race: Elf, or if not playable choice than possibly a Goliath Class: Revised Beastmaster Melee Ranger, with maybe multiclassing into Barbarian or just straight up going a Goliath Barbarian Background: Outlander or one of the SCAG backgrounds Backstory: Grew up in a small, secluded tribe of elves( or goliath). Our seclusion from most of the commonfolk of ?insert continent?  is because our cause is too great to walk away from. My tribe hunts down demons and fowl monstrosities that plague the land.  Our tribe worships the great white lions of the north (polar bear if goliath), and our greatest chosen are said to walk side by side as companions. I have excelled in the art of tracking and combat, and with my families halberd, I set out to gain the favor of the Lion/Bear.
Hey guys, One of our players from the old game is not going to be able to take part in this game after all so we are looking for 1 more stable player to join us ! The current party comp is: barbarian, UA melee ranger, fighter, wizard, cleric and monk (not sure if the monk will still be playing with us as something came up IRL last session, waiting on his reply).
Heya, Name: Jeff Age: 22 Experience: Innumerable DnD campaigns in a variety of editions including 2e, 3.5, pathfinder and 5e. As well as multiple other roleplaying systems Character idea (race, class, backstory): I have a binder of PC ideas so there are other options if this doesn't pan out Race: Half-elf  Class: Bard Backstory: After watching a troupe as a child, he became mystified in the art of music. Knowing only his mother, during his youth he sought out a strong father figure. Finding a half-orc troupe leader who took him under his wing, he started his training. Soon after starting, he found out that the troupe was a way for him to realize his dream of travelling. As a student he was a natural. Murmurs about the protege of the half-orc spread around as a few people started becoming aware that his gift wasn't natural talent. The real gift his father passed on was what coursed through his veins and the powerful connection that it brought to the feywild.  
Im still interested
Name: Adam Experience: With DnD/RPGs10 years of D&D 3.5 (Dm'ing), one year as a player in 5th edition. About Me: Sure, well I started out in my mid 20's with D&D with version 3.0 then 3.5. I DM'ed many modules, and a few homebrew stories. Unfortunately I never got to finish any since I had very bad luck with players flaking out on me. About 6 months ago I stopped running 3.5 games, since 5th now was out and 3.5 is very very time consuming to run, and to manage. I had alot of min/maxer (the bad kind) folks in general who did not wish to rp. That bored me as I have had my fill of -my character can do the most damage- or -i have the most optimized character out there-. To me, finding that is a dime a dozen, you can find that anywhere. Finding people who wish to actually rp their character, and be interested in the story is rare to find. From then on I decided to be a player again in 5th. I always enjoyed fantasy related rp adventure games, I love story, and character development. It's what I look forward to. Expectation: I'm a simple person, I would like a game where it has a story line, whether I am background, or main doesn't matter to me. I'm just happy to be there. As stated before, what is fun for me is character development, and interactions with the other player characters. I find that the most fun for me. As for the type of GM, all I ask for is for someone whom is fair, and of course is having a good time themselves. After all a bored GM, usually quits. Character Name: " Twilight" Race: Aaracokra Class: Monk (I can play a cleric/life domain if you wish, I have a separate backstory for that.) Alignment: Neutral Good Background: Originating from a island, Twilight being a adventurous type growing up hearing stories of high adventure from the few ships that happen to stop at the islands to barter, Twilight decided to learn an art to survive. Not being the brightest bulb he eventually found a teacher willing to teach him the arts of fighting without a weapon. He wasn't too strong, but a fast avian. Twilight wanted to further his goal to see more of the world, as his life in his community was anything but exciting. Leaving his home he boarded passage on a ship barterin on the island to leave for the mainlands. Along the way he knew he had to find a job, the crew having lost a few men in a pirate raid, offered Twilight a job in the crows nest. Very appropriate! Most could not stand him talking everyones ear off, and his semi obnoxious behavior. Avian humor did not translate well on the ship. Later the Captain made him the cook of the ship, at reduced pay. This way the bird would not be inclined to talk. The bird eventually worn out his welcome on many of ships. Finding another scout, or cook jobs on ships. At least till they got fed up with Twilight. He felt always lonely, but never could make any friends that were willing to stick around him long enough.
Still looking.
RL Age: 29 Character Name: Depends on the races that are available. Probably Uadaar Character Concept: Basic information would be that nothing traumatic ever happened to me. I worked in a store that dealt with magical items. I picked up how to discern the price of various items, and how to understand if I am dealing with anything magical my self. Through my dealings I have learned how to deal with people who were looking for or selling such items. Battle master, palladin, bard if stat rolls are kind I would be a trickster rogue, melee warlock, monk. depending on my class it would affect my backstory a little. Playstyle: I honestly don't have one. I have only ever been a DM. that being said I would prefer rp/fighting as a 60/40 or 50/50. I am fully capable of taking notes on what my character would know about monsters in combat as to not meta the game. Experience with 5th Edition: got into D&D 2 years ago, couldn't find a game so I became a DM. I have been a DM for the same 2 campaigns for 1 1/2 years, and my second campaign just ended. Please send me a PM if you need to talk with me or ask questions.
Hey Everyone, If you are still looking for a player, this time works great for me! Name: Luke Age: 28/m Experience: Playing table top RPG since I was 10. About two years DMing games on Roll20. Character idea (race, class, backstory): I would be most interested in playing an elven wizard or druid. But, I am open to anything that works with what the party has going on both story and mechanic wise.
Still looking for 1-2 more players.
Hey! I'd love to get in on this game. Name: &nbsp;Thomas Age: 27 Experience: Too much to count. I've been playing 5e on Roll20 for about 2 years. Character Idea: &nbsp;I'd like to play a high elf rogue inquisitive from unearthed arcana.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... I haven't decided on a name or in depth backstory but I imagine that will come with knowledge of the setting. I imagine this character as a detective type. Lawful neutral. Very focused on finding the truth. Look forward to hearing from you.
Name: Evan Age: 24 Experience: I started playing D&D in 3.5 for a short time then i moved on to 4e and started DMing gor that now ive been playing 5e for a few months Character idea (race, class, backstory): Name: Ellamin Joysword&nbsp; Race: Wood Elf Class: Monk Backstory: &nbsp;Before the curse he had left on a pilgrimage to a area of the desert that had been maintained as a shrine. After the forest was cursed it cut Ellamin Joysword off from his monastery.&nbsp;Ellamin spent those 40 years travelling the wastes to find a way back to the home he was cut off from. Ellamin worried about monastery as it was hidden in the forest and hoped above all else that the other monks survived.&nbsp;
Name: Vincent Age: 30 Experience: 5 years of D&D and 2 years of Pathfinder Character idea (race, class, backstory):i have mutiple idea of Character and i am very versatile in the role i can play ( tank,support,Dps) but here one idea quickly to show you :) Wood Elf Monk:&nbsp;Naga Ken was born and raised in the Shou Dynasty of Kara-Tur. The Shou only worship the Celestial Bureaucracy, all other religious beliefs are forbidden. At age 6 his parents brought him to the monastery of Master Xan Lung, a wise man with mighty powers. High in the mountains he and other gifted children endured hardships that tested the very essence of their humanity . Naga Ken showed exceptional promise and was favored by Master Xan. Sometimes during meditation Naga Ken would have shadowy visions of his family, their voice distant and not always clear. And their faces and bodies always cast in shadow. Sometimes he would be playing with his two brothers and 2 sisters. Other times he would be learning about map making. his father would be very strict and emphasize the importance of this. Naga Ken does not know them, only through these troubling visions. Master Xan would not help him understand, only offering cryptic advice and preaching patience. At age 12 a nightmare played out in front of him. Shadows moved in and out of sight, his brothers and teachers slaughtered, the monastery burned to the ground. Master Xan defended Naga Ken and rescued him. They made their way to the docks and Xan arranged to have Naga Ken smuggled far away to a new world. He handed him a cloth, looked him in the eyes, and said, "Fulfill your destiny.". In the cloth was an amulet, with a detailed image of the sun. He kept is secret and safe. The voyage was brutal, the crew was not nice. Naga Ken was beaten and starved, he endured many near fatal illnesses and had is hand broken several time which made that Nage Ken cant punch any more with out suffering from extreme pain or even breaking is hand again. After two agonizing years he was sold into slavery. Where he learned the art of Axe throwing, and he then found is self in a world that was very alien to him. Over the next 5 years Naga Ken has moved from town to town and started to drink as much as he can. For some reason every time Naga Ken drink he start talking in an other language without even notice it.&nbsp; (this is just an idea i can make an other character depending on what you need for the group) when i do a character i really like to put a flaw in my character something original that he cant accomplish ( like a monk really unfit who cant run or a really dumb bard something like this ) i am a fun player who know when to have fun and laught and when to be serious, i like being original in my puzzle/fight/rp solution using roll isnt always the best way to do something and i try more and more to be descriptive in my action&nbsp;