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Red Page of Death - Map layer turns completely Red for *everyone* in game


Edited 1483345084
Since right after ou game owner changed to a Pro membership just before Christmas, we've been encountering an issue where the main map page in our living world sometimes turns red for some period and then goes back to normal somewhere from 5-30 minutes later.  It seems to just be the map/background layer, since anything on the token or GM layers still appears above the red background.  So far it's only one page though (our main one, which is unfortunately very large as well ).  It's either in the game or something that affects every browser anyone might be connecting with, but only on the one map.  We did add a few scripts around the same time, but I've used the same scripts in other games with no issues at all. We've tried disabling scripts, checking for odd things on layers, ensuring neither fog of war or dynamic lighting got added using red, checking for pissed players using the art tool on a major scale, and whatever else pops to mind when it happens. Since it's a living world, the problem often occurs when a GM isn't around to do anything about it.  If a GM is present we can just move the ribbon to another page and then no one but GMs notice the problem until it goes away, but that doesn't really solve anything other than the eye pain to players.  I've googled my fingers off for similar roll20 problems, but to no avail. The game is Return of the Forgotten Order, and I can provide a link if needed to anyone with roll20, or the Game creator, as I'm just the technical GM tasked with making it stop.  We can't reproduce it even if we wanted to, but it seems to occur a couple times a day either way.  I've attached a small screen capture of it, though the page is much larger.  The game uses no audio features, does use the pathfinder community sheets, and has had no similar problems before the Pro addition
Karl V.
I suspect one of your players is setting a huge red aura on his token
Kristin C.
Roll20 Team
What is the page name that has this issue?

Edited 1483387372
The game owner continued working on it while I was asleep and apparently started deconstructing the map into may separate ones, and when I asked about finding tokens with red auras activated he said there were multiple ones (truely hideous, since fixing one wouldn't even provide some confidence that you'd found the source of the problem).  He sadly didn't check the ownership though, so we could kick that person.  He does have a few past players who hold a grudge though, and I was already tracking down which might be recent new players (I was mainly away over the holidays). Fortunately, his recent change to Pro means we can separate the huge map into multiple smaller ones and let PC's change between them, even if that also allows the potential to cause problems on multiple maps now exists. Thank you for your help though.  I'll focus on the aura issue, but I believe the culprit is an ex-GM who's familiar enough with roll20 use to be a real PITA
Forum Champion
Side tip if this could help at all: Auras do not show on the Map Layer, only on the object layer.  You could highlight everything and move it to Map Layer, then start working with the pieces on the Map Layer to disable the aura settings and only lift the necessary tokens back to the object layer.