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Are you an experienced actor or entertainer? Have experience with livestream D&D? You may be what we need!


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Hi guys, my name is Askren. I'm the host & DM for a Twitch RPG channel called ExplodingDice . ( We're in the process of casting a few new shows that will be upcoming in the next few months, and looking to put some awesome people on our roster to help make these shows awesome.  If you've wanted to get involved in streaming RPGs, or already an experienced actor, voice actor, or entertainer yourself, this is a great opportunity to engage with viewers, join an awesome community, and create great content! Here's what we are looking for: Animated, charismatic roleplayers who can create fun, dramatic, engaging stories and character moments The understanding that entertaining viewers is just as big a factor as enjoying the game themselves. Ok with the concept that viewer interaction can and will sometimes influence the campaign(s), including stories, situations, and rewards. Regular and punctual attendance for the duration of the campaign.  There's certainly more, the perfect candidate will be someone who has experience being on camera and working to create the best show for viewers, be willing to commit to growing the channel, both on screen and on social media. These are not mandatory, just an illustration of what all helps. Are you interested in getting involved? Want to get serious about streaming or entertaining? Send a message, contact me either here, on Skype ( Askren- ) or on Twitter ( @Askren ) and we'll talk! Thanks for your time, I hope to hear from you guys!    EDIT: I'm not really committing to a game system right now, because that may be open to change. Could be D&D 5E, could be Open Legend, could be Shadow of the Demon Lord, could be Blades In The Dark. It'll depend on what is right for the show.  The first project I am casting right now is a more serious horror-themed game in a more gothic fantasy setting.  All shows run at 8 or 9 PM EST.
Hello!  I'm interested, but what times will the games be?  And what are the games you will be hosting?
Agreed with Brad. I'd be willing to give it a try, but depneds on whats being hosted/etc
Updated the OP with some more info.
time fits very well for me, I've sent you a message on skype if your interested
I'm quite interested. Seems like a lot of fun. I'm willing to get involved. I'll send you a PM.
Color me interested!