After the Lamia Fight (XX of Calistril)

The party awaits for the next arrow to fall...they wait for minutes, then dozes of minutes, then and hour... No arrow falls but the feeling of thread is still very evident... (get to safety - gain a level)
Miro looks around at his companions.  "Aryah... I know you worry for Chevaho... But we must follow the giant.  Let us be away from here."  Miro looks to the Giant and smiles.  "Good Baba... please lead us to this safety and like my brother... I will insure your safety."  Miro cuts a glance at Mara and then walks to her.

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When the Snake Bitch does not attack, Aryah drops to her knees beside her fallen friend and companion. As she weeps openly she begins to draw a large circle about 10 in diameter then a smaller 5 ft around herself and Cheveyo. She then places stones of blue, yellow , white, and purple in the 4 directions. Blue to the North, yellow to the South, white to the West and purple to the East. She kneels next to Cheveyo and begins to speak a prayer to the Spirits. "Spirits of Earth, Sky, Fire and Water, whose voices I hear on the winds and in my heart, breath life into the lungs of your chosen. You have tasked us with the destruction of a great evil but our battle is yet to be won. Hear me, for alone I am small and weak. I have need of Cheveyo's strength and wisdom. Give my brother, companion, and friend new life so that we may complete our purpose and cleanse the  land of this evil."  As she finishes her prayer, she rests her body on the still form of her companion, tears flowing from her eyes as she gently strokes his neck. After a few moments, there is a shudder of breath and Cheveyo weakly turns his head and licks Aryah's hand. In just a few moments he looks as if he had never been injured. As he stands, so does Aryah, though she falters. Looking into her face, those around her can tell she is drained. In a weak voice she says, "Yes, let us get to safety." and begins to follow the aged giant, with Cheveyo by her side.
Gulo glances over briefly to his companions, holding his disgust at their sentimentality in check. "Melek! Where is that damned animal?" he wanders back into the dining area "Melek get over here now or-" his foot bumped up against the curled up form of Melek, between the Lamia and the fireball little had been left of him, Gulo looked down at Melek's body "Served its purpose well." he muttered to himself as he rejoined his companions "I would recommend we get a move on at once Commandant, while we may have driven off the other Lamia for now we have killed one of her kin, and furthermore we have humiliated her, and magic users do not deal with humiliation well. She will come back with greater numbers, I would however we do one thing before we go, it involves the body of the lamia."
Mara stands stock still, glaring at the giantess. "What, so we're just going to trust this old monster? Why do we suddenly trust her? She helped with the snake bitch. Which was going to die anyway. And we want to just take her at her word. You had more trouble trusting me and Aryah, for fucks sake. And you want to just follow her into some supposed 'Safe Room' so we can sleep under her care? What the fuck is wrong with you? It's clearly a trap. She wants to lure us into some dungeon where she can kill us all in our sleep, to remove us from the warpath of these fucking giants! We're the only thing standing in between them and the destruction of our home, our life! What is wrong with you! Why haven't we killed this freak already?!"

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"By all means go ahead Mara, kill an old woman, if you are willing to squander away crucial information like numbers of warriors, passageways,patrol times, weaknesses of the leader to exploit, the reason they are on the warpath to begin with! If all of that possibility is worth  throwing away for the sake of gorging your already bloated sense of revenge then go ahead, but know this, at the moment this woman is far more valuable to the mission then any of us, and if you try to jeopardize that I will be forced to kill you even at risk of my own life." his tone is a matter of fact as usual but standing there, covered both his own blood and that of the giants and lamina gives the hobgoblin an almost devilish appearance as he locks eyes with Mara. 
"You mean this old woman, who when we first encountered surrendered, to which you in turn saw fit to disobey orders from Arayah and started attacking her, the old woman who in the chaos of the ensuing battle could have easily have picked any us off but did not, the old woman who killed a high ranking member of power, nearly passing out from a simple spell? That is the woman you believe is going to kill us all in our sleep? And they say my kind are paranoid." 
"Yes, I mean all of that. Our mission here is to kill giants. I saw a giant. I attempted to kill her. Aryah said I shouldn't have because she didn't want to fight. Like that fucking stopped them in Sandpoint. Like that stopped them in my home. We didn't want to fight, but they came to kill us anyway. They're monsters. Scum. They're filth gathering on the surface of the earth and it deserves to be scoured clean. And I intend to see that job through to the end. Do I believe this woman is going to kill us in our sleep? Yes. I do. So what if she helped you in your moment of weakness. She wants us dead, cooked, and fed to her. It's not her fault, it's the nature of her fucked up species. But just because it's not her fault doesn't mean she gets to go unpunished." Mara is practically spitting by this point, her voice rising louder and louder as her hate fueled rant gains momentum.
Miro looks from Gulo to Maria and the back again. "Dis is enough."  Miro says as an edge of ice creeps in to his voice.  "Mara ... Your concerns are not unfounded howeva there is a time and a place for your aggression. This is not tha place nor the time.  I have had enough of all dis arguing. If none of you can atleast agree to deal with one anotha... I will be away with you all.  Neither you or Aryah will get their vengance and Gulo and will seek out otha help.  We must band togetha if we are to survive. And we can not ignore those who would offa us aid."
"You have mistaken the mission Mara. We are here to stop the  evil driving theses creatures. Have you stopped to ask  yourself why the giants attacked after hundreds of years? Not all giants are aggressive. My people have traded with many giants without incident. If you continue to kill just for the sake of you selfish desire for revenge, then not only are you no different than the creatures you have killed, but you might be the cause of allowing this evil to spread. But more importantly, you dishonor those you claim to fight for, unless you were raised to be a killer. The choice is yours, do the hard thing and be true to how you were raised or take the easy road and become what you despise." Turning to the old giant Aryah says in giant."Come grandmother, we will follow you. When we reach safety I will do what I can for your wounds."
Mara sees the rest of the group appear arrayed against her. "Fine," she snaps. "You know, I expected this sort of pillowy kindheartedness from Aryah, and I always expect Gulo to choose the worst option, but I thought at least you were smart Miro. I guess I'll have to rethink my opinion of you." She turns on the giantess. "And you. If you try anything to harm us, or lead us into a trap. Just know. You will be the first to die. I will destroy you, and then I will destroy anything and everything you hold dear. I don't care if I have to die to bring you with me, or to hunt you to the ends of the earth. I will. Think twice on that before you plan any treachery." She snarls out her words and when she's finished speaking, crosses her arms over her chest to glare out across the group from her supposed high ground of moral superiority.

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The old giant rises from her seated position and looks at the much smaller Mara. "They only train for war and relish in brutality against their foes. Their rage is relentless and they follow orders to destroy unquestioningly. Their existence from birth to death is marked only with an unceasing lust for battle and they are extraordinarily good at destruction."  She grunts as she leans against a stone wall, heading towards the room of ancient paintings. "I, of course, speak of Fire Giants...You may encounter a few in Mokmurian's army. I think you will enjoy battling them and brutally destroying them. Your rage against them will be relentless. You will not hesitate to destroy them or question an order to do so. You will doubtless destroy every giant until you perish and you are, as I have witnessed, extraordinarly good at destruction." Lumbering slowly her wounds still unhealed, she pauses. "I wonder if your slaughter will turn a girl name "Mhartya" or "Myeya" against your kind. Maybe it will be interesting to see the world destroyed by fire."
     Miro whinces at this trade between the giantess and Mara.  He could easily remember his desire to see the world burn.  No that was not the answer.  Pain only begot more pain.  A terrible circle of killing that only ended with that very exact example.  "Let us leave these musings til we are in safety."  Miro draws a vial from his hip... a paultry tonic of cure light wounds, made back in the days of his devotion.  "It is not very strong... but it should staunch your wounds and help you to feel somewhat better til we have had a chance to make heads or tails of this situation.  But first... why?  Thank you yes, but why have you chosen to turn against Mokmurian, it can not be a popular decision that will award you much popularity."  He says reaching up with the tiny vial.
"That is exactly it Miro, she's not helping us at all." Gulo takes out his pipe. letting the sour tobacco soak in his lungs "You see when a new power takes over the first to go into decline is the old power, the shamans. It happened whenever my Warband dominated goblin tribes, the  priests of Lmashtu were always the ones to sow dissent in an effort to return to the "Old Ways" or more accurately a return to their power." he chuckles a bit, thinking back to many an attempted rebellion "It almost always fails, horribly. Most shamans are killed off beforehand of course, it lowers the risk of such draining rebellions ever occurring, I wouldn't be surprised if Mokmurian was already planning to kill her soon, and that is where we come to a mutual agreement. We wish to kill Mokmurian and stop whatever it is he is planning, and she wishes to return to her place of prominence and to do that she needs our help. We kill Mokmurian and she gets things back to the way they were, which in turn makes the giants more docile." 
"Maybe the world should  end in fire..." Mara mutters. Raising her voice to a normal volume, she says, "Fine. We'll help this filth's disgusting little take over. You're the ones that will have to live with your decisions when she betrays us. I'll be the one to do what needs to be done."

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Aryah shakes her head, then turns to the giantess, and in giant says "I am Aryah to my companions, and Hunts with spirits among the Shoanti people. My people have traded with the Giants for many years without conflict. Why have your people decided to bring death and destruction to both our people?"
 "The simple answer is that Mokmurian killed Boeyan, my husband, "she begins as she secures the runes to protect them in the old shrine. He voice is deep and rough like gravel in a well. The bear skins on her shoulders are clasped  with a bronze pin. "Stone giants are not as war like as some of our cousins. The elders that guide our tribes take great pains to be a calm and stabilizing influence on our people. However... It would seem that the young are impetuous and easily lead into combat...He challenged the leaders, publicly, so that all  could see his might. His magic, his power was vast and, one by one, they fell. He promised them wealth and showered his followers with treasures made from the sun and moon of the earth." "I don't have much time," she says as she finishes the runes and takes a step back as they flare to life and pulse with magic. "The spirit that haunts this ancient shrine should not bother us while we rest." She fingers her clasp and turns her slate eyes over the group. She nods at Gulo and slides down to sit on the floor. "If you are hear to slay Mokmurian," she glances at Mara, "And I have every reason to believe you are, then I am your ally. I have seen you fight and I'm believe you have what it takes to succeed though without my help I fear you shall find only your graves here in Jorgenfist."
Aryah kneels beside her and begins to heal her wounds. she gains 18 health. "We would welcome any assistance you can give. As long as you are an ally, I will guarantee that none of my companions will harm you." As she says this she glares at Mara.
Noticing the glare, Mara sticks out her tongue at Aryah. 
Aryah smiles and shakes her head. 
Miro looks to the giant much as he looks at many things... Like an arcane or mathematical problem... "Well than... In the interest of alliance.. Other than shelter... What else can you bring to the table?  Surely you already had a plan and as neither I nor our firebug here require much sleep so if time is your concern worry not we have plenty."
"Miro, you and Mara may only require a few hours of rest, the rest of us are not so lucky, As long as we are reletively safe here, we will rest and recover our strength. I am sure that in the time we are recovering we can make a plan."
Miro nods in the direction of Aryah.  "Exactly my point... the giantess has plenty of time to speak because I an Mara must wait out you, Gulo, and Naviea's rest."  

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Aryah lets out a deep sigh and looks at the battered group around her. "I am sorry, I thought sealing the entrances would buy us  some time. instead we were sitting ducks." She walks over to Cheveyo and leans on the wall' slides exhaustedly to the floor. She turns back to Miro, " I trust you to work out the details.  You're in charge. wake me if there's trouble."  she lies down beside Cheveyo and tries to sleep.

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Navea stood quietly in the background observing the giant's every move and interactions with her newfound companions. She'd seen this woman before when she'd been held captive. Looking back over her fortnight of captivity she'd seen the horrors of her brothers and sisters in arms picked off one by one - these savages reveling in her teams' despair.  As long as she lived she'd never heal a giant. Hate continued to fill her heart. She walked past Aryah scratching Cheveyo behind the ears, happy to see the loyal creature alive and well again. Approaching Miro, Gulo, and Mara and turning her back to the giantess Navea said, "all of you are right - Mara is just in distrust. We all live by one code or another and these beasts have committed unspeakable treachery. But we need her,  so we must look past her unfortunate connection ... for now. She speaks the truth of her dealings with these giants - she carried herself differently than these barbarians. We take care of Mokmurian, and we ditch this woman who stood by idly as her clan tore my coterie to shreds. I will only sleep knowing one eye is open and watching our backs." "I can take a two hour watch if needed so long as I can find four hours.  Before I sleep, is anyone in need of healing? I have a few charges left in these hands FOR ALLIES" Navea shifts her eyes in disgust to the giantess and back to the group - her gaze confirming the giantess's luck in not participating in the feast of her friends "before I'm all tapped out." 
Mara looks at Aryah while pointing at Navea. "New girl gets it."
Miro shakes his head softly at Navea and looks over his companions.  "No I do not think that I do... howeva I would keep atleast a trick or two in your bag should something happen while we sleep.  It would not be the first time we were awoken.  We are in enamee territory afta all."  Miro turns back to the Giantess... "So again elda, how do you intend to help us further, or is shelter the extent of your recources...  Not to belittle them of course but surely you had more in mind than that."
Aryah looks at the others from her position on the floor next to her friend and companion. " I do not expect you to understand my actions, but I have dealt with many of the giant clans, and though some of them are viscous, most are not. The same can be said of the Shoanti. I will take the last watch.The ritual required most of my remaining energy." She lays back down knowing that she has most likely lost the respect of her companions.
Navea nods and makes her way over to a corner. She rests her back in the edge and leans her head on the wall, slouching down and then pulling her legs toward her body. She waits and listens to the giantess's reply before she drifts to sleep.