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GM Looking for 1-2 Players for a PF Game Soon


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Hey, we are a small group whose GM unfortunately had to take a short leave of absence and put our previous game on hold. One player dropped from the game, so we could use one or two more to bolster our ranks. Some information: This will be a weekly Pathfinder game until our previous GM returns (approximately one-two months from now). We will be meeting on Tuesdays at 8 or 9PM EDT and run for about 4 hours. Skype and a working mic is required. We would like to have a session in about 1 hour, so if you can get a character done by then you can either PM me or leave a post in the LFP forums on our game, The Last Bastion . Build rules- Pathfinder Level 12 25 point buy Two traits 1 Hero Point Standard starting wealth Only official Paizo content allowed The setting will be homebrew, though fairly standard for a Pathfinder setting. We already have a barbarian and a wizard, so keep in mind when building/applying. Do not apply if you cannot reliably make these sessions, nor if you are a rules lawyer or an immature player. Otherwise, have at thee. :)
One question. On a scale of Fluffy-bunnies to overpowered nonsense, how powerful are the current party members?
As far as I know, none of them are broken. Good, but not broken.

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Ok, I'm just worried about overshadowing party members and taking fun away. my available characters in descending order of sheer dmg output is: Summoner ->Sorcerer ->Paladin->Fighter->Rouge. So if your party needs one of those that falls in an acceptable range I'd be glad to join you.
Most of those look good, I'll go ahead and invite you to the game.