Google has  announced their plans to shut down the Google Hangouts API as of April 25, 2017. We believe that changes made on Google's end of things caused a few days where users were having issues connecting via the "Launch in Google Hangouts" option. Our Devs have worked to resolved this and currently, GMs can launch their game in Google Hangouts again. The changes on Google’s end have created a few caveats, 1) Hangouts will only work with users who have previously approved the Roll20 App within Google Hangouts and approved it for use. 2) all players must be logged in to their Roll20 account before launching Hangouts. If a new player tries to approve the Roll20 App in a Hangout, but have not done this before this point, the app will error out. The same is true if the user is not signed into their Roll20 account before joining the Hangout. As we've  seen previously relying on these third party services has been unsustainable - we're going to continue to prioritize the development of our own voice and video solution. To help us improve  WebRTC , please report any bugs in  this thread . Users who have any issues with this process are free to email us at for more information.