[LFG] New to Roll20 But Willing to GM

I'm looking for a group with a bit of patience that can help me learn the Ways of Roll20. I'm happy to join an established game or to GM one for a group. I've been out of gaming for a while, so the things I know well enough to run tend to the slightly older. But I've got some ideas for a Star Wars game (D6 or Saga, not FFG) or a Stormbringer game with bits from Chaosium's Big Gold Book to fill in some system gaps. And I'm always happy to run BECMI/RC D&D. Hit me up if you're interested. Let's roll some dice!
I could find players for a Star Wars Saga game if you really want to run one.
If you don't mind a slightly rusty GM who is in the UTC/GMT time zone and that has a complete disregard for sticking to setting canon once play starts, and that's never used Roll20 before, then I'm up for it.
I have never played either systems but would like to learn, so if there are any player spots left I'd defiantly be interested. 
Star Wars Saga, is just d20 Modern with a Stars Wars theme slapped over it. GMT +1 makes it more difficult as we are all GMT -6
I've played games on Google Hangouts with a mix of British, European, Eastern and Central times. It can be done if the scheduling can be worked out. I work evenings during the week, so my best times are weekends. Though I could possibly do Wednesday nights, say 10:00pm GMT, but that would mean shorter sessions.
I'd be down for a Star Wars Saga game. PM me with discord details if you could. 
Ok, now there's a smidgen of interest it's time for the elevator pitch. Characters will be a rebel cell operating from Sintra Station on the Outer Rim during the era covered by the Force Unleashed sourcebook. I'll be drawing ideas from older Star Wars video games, various sci fi movies and seasoning with a bit of Douglas Adams. And all with my own twists added. You'll be starting at 5th level and while I have no problem with Force Sensitive characters, beware the Dark Side. Now I just need a bit of coaching with Roll20 and the video chat options on hand...