[LFP] AD&D (OSRIC) Campaign Running Classic Modules


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Hello! I am currently looking for players for a 1E campaign that I will be starting on 2/12. It will be a homebrew world ("The Temple of Apshai") which will provide the setting to play classic TSR and Judge's Guild modules from the 70s and 80s. Grognards, historians, or anyone curious about old-school play is welcome! All experience levels also welcome.  It will be an on-going campaign, but players can come and play for a module or two, and not commit to the entire campaign. That being said, I do ask that you can commit to at least the full module. Sessions are played bi-weekly on Sunday from 4-8pm PST, and a module would usually take 4 sessions. We will use the OSRIC rule set (a retro-clone system, if you know 1E, you know OSRIC) which is available free online. I am an experienced DM who has been playing and running games since 1983 (Moldvay box!) and love the old-school experience, and the weirdness of the classic adventures. I also study D&D academically and part of this will be help for research. I tend to run challenging games which are a 50/50 mixture of tactical combat and role-playing.  If you are interested in the game, let me know your background, why you are interested in classic gaming, and anything else you think might be helpful! You can find the listing for the game by searching for "World of Apshai" (just make sure the mature content box is checked) as well. Thanks!
Toss me an invite, that time frame and stuff is right up my ally.  I know 2E very well, but kind of skipped 1E although they tend to be very simalir.