[LFP] Homebrew Campaign 5e

Looking for about 5 more players for a custom campaign. Message me if interested!
When is it, and what's the game about?
Brad said: When is it, and what's the game about? Would help

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I third needing more information.
times for a session would be based on everyone's schedules. for more info on the campaign itself, please join ginge.tsservers.com on teamspeak
Wait, this is on Teamspeak?  Nevermind then...
the game itself is on roll20. we use teamspeak to talk
Sorry, not a fan of teamspeak.  Thanks anyway.
can you just give us the basic things like Time, Day, etc.
Hi! Me and a friend could be interested in joining as players. We have some years experience. Which timezone is this? We both live in Sweden. Best, Jonatan
All the slots are actually full! I currently have three groups of 6 that are running this campaign. If anyone backs out, I will look here for people to take their spots, though.