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Play Dungeons and Dragons in Medford NJ

I am looking for at least 3 people to go to a home brewed event at gamers vault in medford. I play Every Thursday 6pm to 9:30. I still need min 3 people to play. I have player handbooks if you need to borrow for play, I have dice, mini's.
Although I think it's awesome you're looking for face to face games - you do realize, I hope, that this is a forum for games played over Roll20 (online)? I would suggest posting on /reddit/r/lfg, which has options for both online and offline advertisements, and good traffic.
Roll20 Mod Team
Only games hosted on Roll20 may be advertised via Roll20.  As suggested, /r/LFG may be a better location for your post.  Good luck and happy rolling!