In the Wiki Help there is a section for System Specific Guides , where users can contribute tips to adapt a particular RPG to Roll20. &nbsp;Users could start a page and set it up in Category:Guides . &nbsp;Nowadays there is more of an emphasis to create a character-sheet specific to a game if people have HTML/CSS knowledge, or modify an existing sheet, and dice-rolls can be included which creates less need to create Macros or APIs for a particular game. However, I tried to launch pages for some specific RPGs or RPG-families: &nbsp; Fate Core, Baroque Space Opera (Fate Core), Traveller 5th-edition and Cyberpunk (though I had nothing much to suggest there and an extensive character-sheet was contributed anyway). &nbsp;They were all classified as Category:Guides and ended up on the System Specific Info. &nbsp;HOWEVER, the Wiki now only lists pages in System Specific Info that are Category:Games . &nbsp;Many Category:Games pages are also Category:Guides pages, but not the reverse, so most of my efforts were no longer linked! &nbsp;Only Traveller 5th-edition (discussion of how to set up a character-sheet, but I had no HTML/CSS knowledge to do so) has remained. Do Games and Guides wiki pages fulfill different functions, or should they all be merged? &nbsp;The Guides list (not publicly linked in the Wiki Help) is more extensive than the Games list so currently the tips for some of the RPGs are hidden from the Wiki Help. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>