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LFP - D&D / OSR / Swords & Wizardry Ongoing Campaign - Tuesday 7 PM MST (GMT -7)

Howdy All, For about six months, I've had the good fortune to GM for five of the best players on Roll20. After this time, I consider all of them to be legitimate friends, which is no mean feat considering I've only met one of them in person. Unfortunately, we've lost one player to the most dangerous monster in D&D: the dreaded "real life." One player is trading in imaginary gold pieces for real gold pieces courtesy of a promotion and a different work schedule. Since RPGs aren't a zero sum game, his literal gain can be your metaphorical gain. What we're looking for is a player (or possibly two, depending) willing to roll up a set of attributes and jump in to this ongoing campaign. We use Swords and Wizardry Complete, a retro-clone of original three booklet D&D (0E) recently made free by the creators, along with a few house rules as the rule-set. It's incredibly rules light and allows for a more freewheelin', anything goes type of game. In play it winds up feeling like how we played 1E and/or 2E back in the day, albeit with a lower hit die across the board. About Us : At 32, I'm pretty sure I am the youngest of the group so we're card carrying old school. Two of us are environmental scientists, one is an engineer (we scientists like him anyway), one is in IT and another is in retirement. Four of us are parents and one has kids who in turn have kids. We're professional, family men but by no means stuffed-shirts. This is our chance to cut loose, revel in our nostalgia and pretend we don't have mortgages, PTA meetings or nagging spouses. We use Mumble for voice communication (it's free as well) and won't be switching to Skype or another method. Games start at 7 PM MST on Tuesdays and run for three hours or a little longer if nobody has an early meeting the next day. If You Are New To Roleplaying: The game is pretty easy to grasp as this is the ur-game from which others sprang. I like having new people in games as it lends a spark of vibrancy and wonder that the rest of us lost twenty years ago or. That being said, it's probably best if you're able to go with the flow for a little while and get your sea legs before attempting things that are out of the ordinary. This is a great way to get started. If You Are Used To "New School" D&D: There might be some things to unlearn in order to fully enjoy the game. I can point you in the direction of some guides and blogs if you'd like, but the lack of rules might throw you for a loop. As above, I like to have people in the group with a wide variety of experiences because the diversity of approaches and opinions makes for a richer and fuller gaming experience for everyone. I'm not of the opinion that older D&D is objectively better than newer D&D, but it does fit the games I like to run (and people like to play in) better for me. This is a great way to try something new. If You Are Old School Inclined Already: I doubt you've made it this far without already replying. Fair warning though, I've spent plenty of time in the new-school and story-game aisles of the hobby as well. I've happily played games like Dogs in the Vineyard and Fate Core and would love to give Primetime Adventures a spin even after all these years. I'm not shy about stealing good ideas from any place I can, but don't worry. None of the characters have aspects or hero points. Yet. Thanks for reading. I'm open to any questions and if you're the type of player we'd like to have, you probably have a bunch so ask away! Post here, send me a PM or look for our LFG listing. Direct link is here. Bonus Comment: If you're a GM like me who habitually reads these posts to get a feel for the community, I can't recommend the player named John J. Jingleheimer-Schmitt highly enough. I've been lucky enough to have him in three campaigns I've run and he's been great each time. We're pourin' out a 40 for you in game and out of game, buddy.
As one of the aforementioned players, allow me to add to the discussion. I feel confident I can speak for all the other players when I say we also cannot recommend our GM enough either. For me personally, I have been playing in one of Dave's campaigns for over a year and have zero interest in finding anyone new. I am an east coast resident and happily stay up late into the wee hours on a work night knowing it will be worth whatever physical inconveniences I will suffer through afterwards. Dave's campaigns are always well thought out, extremely creative, fantastically executed, and keep you engaged from the start. The threats are appropriate to the characters, the rewards appropriate to the threats, the quests are plentiful and intriguing, the NPCs are distinct and memorable, and I recommend you jump on board now because my slot will not be opening up any time soon. I, too, feel the players are a blessing. We share a passion for gaming in general and a love for this genre in particular. We are humorous and entertaining without sacrificing the quality of play or taking our actions lightly. We discuss situations as a group and consider what is best for all before taking any action that can have negative consequences (usually). And we are willing to launch dangerous rescue missions and pay exorbitant for each other's "raise dead" or curse removal knowing we can rub it in daily after that!!!!! So join our merry band of adventurers if you feel you have what it takes!!!!!! We'll leave the torch on for you.
I would love to join the game. I am a 44-year-old (largely closeted) gaming geek working as a lawyer in Houston, TX. I love old-school D&D and the OSR games, especially S&W Complete. If a spot is still open and my application is accepted, if the group will let me know what character class the group may need to round things out, I'm ready to jump in as soon as possible. Best regards, Brent
Howdy Brent - I'm going to be sending you a PM here in a few minutes. Thanks for the eyeballs everyone, looks like the vacancy will be filled.
Forum Champion
Happy adventuring. It sounds like a great game, cool campaign.