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Scene Additions set 17: Toxic, Caustic, Noxious is up! Take a deep breath!

Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
Scene Additions set 17: Toxic, Caustic, Noxious is now up at the market! Eroded tunnels, carved from toxic fumes and noxious acid pools, await your characters in the depths of the earth or on scarred landscapes above. Did your adventure have a black dragon recently move into the area? Mark that territory right! lol We may be biased, but we're thinkin' it could be a pretty spiffy sci-fi set as well! Numerous modular tasty bits, with and without backgrounds are in here; as well as some sample maps, and we have re-included some dying trees first seen a few sets ago - plus lots of lovely bubbly caustic pools, mists, vaporous plumes, blowholes, and vents for you to add to your adventure. Hope you enjoy!
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
I smell a winner! Just need some alien eggs and it's totally Sci Fi!

Edited 1484852047
It seems movement might get blocked up in the lower section of this dungeon past the appendix.
Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
Some party members do cause gas when swallowed. hahaha Giant alien tummy also a good idea!. 
Marketplace Creator
Compendium Curator
This set is grrrrrrrooooossss! And I think that's awesome.
I just picked this set up. Currently working on a black dragon lair for a quick one session game later. Great work as always. Russ is an amazing artist. 
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Just in time for the green dragon lair my players are exploring... they've already killed the dragon though so it's probably undefended... >:)
Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
Wow! Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it!
Gabriel P.
Marketplace Creator
Awesomely gross.  I love the sickly bright colors!
Marketplace Creator
This one just gives me shivers looking at it. I think it was designed very well, and can make for a great adventure. Great job Russ like the concept really toxiciticity. 
Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
Thanks guys!