[GURPS] New GURPS Sheet with GCS/GCA Sheet Importer


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New GURPS Character Sheet with GCS/GCA Import Update 01.25.17 :  Support for GCA is incomplete. Check this thread for updates. GCA Support is coming soon! For those GURPS players out there who are aware of  GURPS Character Sheet , transposing data from those sheets to Roll20 can be a real task. I've made my own version of the community GURPS sheet which can now import files from GCS. In addition to this, I have made some bug fixes to the community GURPS sheet as well. Right now the sheet is a bit ugly, but I'll worry about making it prettier later. I made this to assist with a campaign I'm running, but i figured I'd make it available to everyone. I learned a minimal amount of Javascript and HTML to figure out how to get this all together. I'm not a coder by any stretch of the imagination. If anyone can help contribute to this project and help manage my ugly, ugly code, it would be massively appreciated! I hope other people find this useful :) Roll20 Sheet I've created a custom Roll20 sheet, you can download the HTML and CSS from  here . For instructions on installing a custom sheet, please refer to the roll20 wiki. GCS Exporter This is the file that converts GCS files to JSON so that Roll20 can read them. Installation After you have downloaded roll20_JSON.html, locate your GCS Library folder. Copy  roll20_JSON.html to  ..Library/Output Templates /. Open GCS.exe. Go to Edit >Preferences Go to the Output Tab and Enable 'Text Output Template' Then, press browse and locate roll20_JSON.html in your output templates folder. Your Output Tab should look like this: Usage After you have created and saved a character sheet that you're satisfied with, choose Save As and Save as HTML file instead of a GCS file. Open the resulting HTML file in your browser (only tested in chrome, no results guaranteed from other browsers) Copy the Export code from the text box using CTL+C, or use the 'Copy' button to copy it Paste the code in the Import Box in Roll20. Check the 'Import' button. Your character has now been imported! Recommended Usage I strongly suggest creating a separate campaign in roll20 with the custom import sheet and then moving those characters over into your main game. These sheets are 100% compatible with the Roll20 GURPS Community sheet.  Important! For security reasons, only use the  roll20_JSON.html available in this thread.
Did you mean to say GURPS Character Builder (old 3E character sheet tool) or GURPS Character Assistant (modern 4E tool)? 
Denver Catboy said: Did you mean to say GURPS Character Builder (old 3E character sheet tool) or GURPS Character Assistant (modern 4E tool)?  Yes, thanks for the correction. I'm working on a version of this right now which can import XML files from GCA4. Right now, GCS can import GCA files,  so you can use this sheet to import both.
Alright. Not very familiar with GCS. how would I accomplish importing GCA? Not making much headway in figuring that out myself. :( 
"Paste the code in the Import Box in Roll20." What import box?

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@David T. - If you look at the image above, you can see that the import box is beneath the dice options. It appears on every page. @Denver Catboy , Somehow, I was under the impression that GCS could open GCA/GCB files. It turns out that assumption is incorrect. I can add support for it pretty easily, however. I'll PM you if you want o help add support for it!
Getting ready to run a gurps game soon.  Let me know if I can help debug and test.