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Player Openning available for the right person. 5e UK Friday bi-weekly GMT+0 9pm - Midnight-ish


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Mithlonde... requires.... Bi weekly to me means every 2 weeks lol We have discussed as a group our willingness to use our awesomeness to introduce a new player to the hobby. Experienced players really need not apply, there are hundreds of 5e games out there requiring players. The successful candidate will benefit from joining a homebrew campaign that's been running for over a year with a consistent and well established group of 4 mainly UK players and one other player who we aren't quite sure where he's from, we think Finland but it may be Mars! You will be aided, shown patience and be exposed to ridiculous amounts of in character banter and role play, you will see epic combat, emotional story lines and experience my own unique style of harsh but fair DMing. You will communicate via skype voice only. You will be reliable and reachable and show regular responses to comms via skype. You will work with me to create a seamless character intro. You WILL be killed by the PCs if you dick about, and summarily kicked... What more can you ask for? Our gates are open, have you got the golden ticket? Post here for consideration... If we cant find the right person we won't appoint... (that's a bit of management speak right there...) Expect an interview if you are successful.. The Loving DM Ade
Hey there that's one hell of an intro how not to be interested  I'd like to ask a few things first to be sure that i would be able to commit if i do apply as to not make you or me lose our time bi-weekly meaning 2 times a week ? if so that would be friday and ? i am in GMT+1 so timing should not be too much of a problem as long as its in the evenings but just want to make sure of it. I'm starting to get my feets in the world of d&d seriously and would be happy to join and see how things are in a group well established with a year long bond ( a bit anxious maybe about being the new guy joining but you guys look welcoming from the intro so...)  so yeah i'm pretty new with a i would say ok understanding of the rules and the mechanics so that wouldn't slow the flow too much i hope. For my chara i guess i'll see that with you if that ever comes this far but i'll try to invest myself into my chara whoever he is going to be. Looking forward to maybe have a good RP experience with you guys send me a pm for more info  Delson
Thanks Del, noted.. and yes, every 2 weeks.. holidays/life/family permitting.
Hello Adrain, This sounds great. I am completely new to D&D. I have played various other TTRPGS and tend to GM for my local group. Your right that one of the core mechanics of a good group is banter because the party must always ritually abuse each-other prior to completing any major task . I have skype but being a techno-r****d i have yet to figure out how everything works on it. I am UK based so timing is not an issue. Send me a PM as i'd love to know more thanks, Chris
Thanks Del.. you're in the pot.. :)
Hey, I'm a 24 year old Danish 3.5 player looking to pick up 5th edition. I haven't played D&D for some years, but I've played pretty much every other major system from Vampire to Paranoia over the last 12 ish years. I've read through the PHB a few times, but I've yet to actually try to play 5th. Watched like 20 episodes of Rollplay and Critical Roll, though. I'm in uni at the moment, so I have tons of spare time. Scheduling should never be a problem if it's only bi-weekly on Fridays (except on the 10th of February, at a conference in Estonia there). I think priority-wise, I'm a RP -> Experience World -> Puzzlesolving -> Combat kind of guy. I enjoy all aspects, I just favour some of them slightly.
Cheers Jayce.
Cheers Cassius, I just realized i didn't note a minimum age in the post... Seeing as though we are on accasion (well actually quite a lot) prone to turning the air blue with profanities with some adult content (its not cyber sex, there are other websites for that).. it may be unsuitable for anyone under 16/convent educated/holier than holy/otherwise easily offended by bum/toilet jokes and the like..