Today, we’ve launched a trio of updates that will help a GM with game content management. Game Default Settings When a GM goes to their Game Settings Page from the Game Details Page, they’ll find a new setting category called Game Default Settings. Rolling out the options here will be a mirror image of what you find on the Page Settings window as well as many of the options available on the Token Settings window that you would find in-game. Making changes and saving them from here will affect how each new page and token is created in the VTT to take on these defaults you just set. Further down the Game Settings Page, if you’re using the Roll20 5th Edition OGL Sheet, you will now also have access to various sheet settings underneath the Character Sheet Template drop down menu. These are the features you will be familiar with that are present underneath the “Settings” section of the 5E Sheet.If you are a sheet author and would like to take advantage of this new feature to add default settings to your own sheets, see this discussion on the Pro Forums . This update makes way for the one big feature that many in our userbase have long been looking forward to: Applying Defaults to Existing In-Game Content! After making changes to any of the game defaults (be they with pages, tokens, or with the 5E sheet), if you then launch a game and go to the Settings tab of the Sidebar , there will be a new button under the Experimental Features section labeled; “Apply Default Settings.” Clicking on this button will bring up a new window that will list all the default options you have changed from the Game Settings Page. Each setting made available has a checkbox beside it. Check each setting you would like to globally apply to every single entry of that type (Page, Token, or Character Journal). Once checking off all options that you would like to apply, click on the “Apply Settings” button.* This will ask for approval to walk through all items in the game per category (first Pages, then Tokens, then Sheets). You can stop the applying process at any point by hitting the ESC key. * NOTE: This action can not be undone afterwards if you made a mistake, so take measures to safeguard your work like making a game copy, or only use setting changes that are easy to revert and reapply with the in-game applier. Have a purchased module, but want the sheets to always roll publicly instead of to the GM? You can change every single PC and NPC in the game to do just that. Don’t want grids on any of your battlemaps? Just apply a default change to all of them. Don’t want all the NPC tokens to “Have Sight” on? Now you can shut that off all at once! Game Addons Now available on the Roll20 Marketplace are Game Addons! These are smaller module components that you can add to a game without needing the Pro level Transmogrifier tool. Such Marketplace Addons include card decks, fully-statted tokens, battle maps with Dynamic Lighting pre-drawn on them, and self-contained single encounters and dungeons. Current Addons now available on the Marketplace are: Neoseilthir - The Six Duchies by Andrew Chirgwin Product Description: The Six Duchies is a nation formed of necessity in the face of annual marauding goblinoids, and an aggressive militaristic neighbour. It has been nearly 300 years since the Six Duchies unified, and since the end of the Parlassian War of Unification, and the nation has been relatively stable since. This pack is intended to be a primary resource for a GM to create their own sessions or campaigns in whichever high fantasy system they prefer. There are some elements geared towards the 3.5 Edition of Dungeons & Dragons but these are a minor part and there is more than enough material for this pack to be adapted to most other high fantasy systems. Price: $10.00 Coming Soon! NPC Cards: The Court of the Empress by Brass Badger Workshop Product Description: A pre-made royal court full of intrigue, connections, rumors, and lies already prepared and ready to be woven into your campaign. Which random courtier does your party's clueless warrior bumble into? Just draw from the top of the deck and find out! Price: $4.99  Click Here to go to its Marketplace Listing Game Glam: Inventory Cards by Gabriel Pickard Product Description: 127 unique cards to help you manage inventory. A small selection of useful items to help bring your inventory management to life. Price: $4.99 C lick Here to go to its Marketplace Listing Random Chapter Set 1 by Russ Hapke Product Description: Random Chapters combines an Old World Style world view map and several location encounter maps for your adventure party. Play as random chapters or link the encounters together. Price: $5.99  Click Here to go to its Marketplace Listing Applying Addons Once purchased, these Addon content packages are available via a dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the Game Details Page. Select the one you wish to add and click on the blue Add to Game button beside the drop down menu. When a Game Addon is appended to the game, it will be added to a bulleted list underneath the "Addon in [Title of Current Game]" label. This list is shown to the right of the Game Addon drop down menu and the blue Add to Game button. It should be noted that adding a Game Addon more than once will overwrite the previous version of that addon. To remove a Game Addon from your game, simply remove the item from within the app in the usual fashion for that sort of game item. Game Rollbacks for Pro Users Lastly, a new feature is now available for anyone with a Pro Roll20 subscription. Between the hours of 4 and 6 AM PST, a save state is made for every game on Roll20. Seven days’ worth of save states are kept on file before they’re rewritten with new save states. A Pro user will now have the ability to roll back their game to any save state available from the past seven days to correct any drastic mistakes made to their game. To commit a rollback, you will need to go to your Game Details Page and click on the “Settings” button to bring down the available drop down menu. The new menu option listed there is called “Roll Back Game.” This brings up a dialog box that allows you to choose the date of the save state you would like to roll your game back to. Select the date and click on the pink “Rollback” button to initiate the rollback process. This may take a minute or two, but once finished, the Game Details Page will prompt you when the rollback has successfully completed. Much like Applying Game Defaults, this too cannot be undone. WebRTC Microphone Activity Signal This was a suggested feature after we launched Roll20 WebRTC—A Mic Input Indicator. When a player is speaking over voice chat, a slim blue bar will waveform expand and contract underneath their avatar’s portrait or their video feed. This indicator lets the other players in the game know who is presently speaking. This should help players who are relying on voice only to keep track of who’s who in their game. We’re excited to share these new features with you today! Let us know what you think of them. If you find any bugs or issues with today's content update, please post them to our  Dedicated Bug Thread over on the bug forum.