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Legit Darkvision, separate from emitting light.


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The current method for implementing darkvision is to have a token emit light to the appropriate radius, with dim light starting at 0 or -5 or whatever. This is a decent way of doing it, but not really ideal. I mostly play D&D 5e, and it'd be nice to see that style of darkvision represented. Imagine a separate darkvision option, beneath all the other lighting stuff (so a character can have darkvision and hold a torch simultaneously!) , wherein you input the radius, and all dark areas within that distance from the token are upgraded to dim light, and dim to bright. There could even be a couple of checkboxes for options such as disabling the darkvision when standing in bright light, and for having the revealed dark areas shown in grayscale. It'd be cool. Also, there might as well be an option to make it act like 4e's Low-Light Vision, instead. That is, it upgrades dim to bright, but leaves darkness alone. This one isn't really needed, on its own, but if the darkvision is implemented, it's just a quick add-on that'd be nice. Preferably as a third checkbox or as a dropdown menu (Normal, Low-Light, Darkvision). EDIT:  A thought: Just replace the "Has Sight" checkbox with a dropdown menu (labeled "Sight") with the options: None, Normal, Low-Light, and Darkvision. Then have the fields for radius and probably angle, followed by the aforementioned checkboxes. (On a related note, it'd be neat if the GM could modify the hardness of the gradient between dim light and darkness. It fades really smoothly now, which is nice looking, but sometimes I think it might be nice to have a more clearly defined edge, especially for something like this... but that's a separate issue!)
Yes, If you have several PCs with dark vision, the 'dim light' hack does not work for me with a single player view for my group on my table - the dim light adds up so everything is bright to 60' if the PCs are together.  Ideally I'd like it to be grey and disable it if the PC is in bright light.
I agree 100%. I'm constantly having to change my players' lighting stats in order to approximate 5e darkvision. There should just be an option somewhere that can be set to enable darkvision.
Totally love this as there are characters who have special vision who, for whatever reason, carry a light source even for temporary or specific instances (ie a bullseye lantern can see out past their special vision). Then when they put the item away, they revert to their original vision.
+1 2019 support this for all games love the idea and suggested implementation 

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Another method would be to allow multiple light sources on a token, such as adding a torch light AND darkvision, each with their own visibility settings. This would couple well with the suggestion I saw a while ago about coloring light sources since Darkvision is, in both pathfinder and D&D, black and white vision. I do not think that a drop down is the right solution however, for multiple reasons. The first and most important being that roll20 covers a lot more than just D&D, many game systems use different vision mechanics. In addition, even in D&D if you look through the bestiary, most creatures that have darkvision also have low-light so a drop down would need options for X, Y, and X & Y. While not directly part of this post I personally would like to see an option to set a maximum view distance, maybe right after the sight angle. This is due to effects like blindsense that work like sight but only allow sight within a specific range. My thought was to, instead of adding game specific toggles, expand the toolbox available to GMs and let us make the light source that our game uses. Giving us options like black&white/color/stacking lights/etc. would be more than enough and cover a much wider variety of game systems.
It would also be nice if this selected option could either remind the player or enforce that the player's rolled Perception rolls for sight are at Disadvantage when darkvision is being used, rather than the GM always having to remind the players that darkvision allows sight but still has penalties.
I find the easiest way to implement torchlight is to actually set up a character sheet with connected token for torches which is controllable by all players so they can light and throw their own torch tokens.
Bummed this still isn't an option.  +1
+1 Please add this.

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For the game I play (Das schwarze Auge/The dark eye), a legit darkvision would mean to have every dim light to appear as bright light. A low-light vision would make dim light start at the double of the given dim light start setting. But neither would change the bright light, nor the dark. I'd love to have that.
While we're talking about proper darkvision for 5e, don't forget that it de-saturates colours as well.  Dim light is as bright light, but with the colours only as visible as they are in dim light, and in darkness there is no colour at all.  The grayscale filter is perfect for this.
Please implement this +1
+1, this would be great! This makes me think of another dynamic lighting feature, to have surfaces reflect bright light as dim. For example, consider an unlit room next to a well-lit room connected by a doorway. As currently implemented, portions of the unlit room are either bright or dark with nothing in between.  If the back wall of the unlit room reflected some light, you could have a more realistic looking illuminated room, with a bright swath pouring in and causing the rest of the room to be dimly lit.
+1 I love using the lighting options we already have, and would love to have even more.  I use torches as a character-sheet linked token, and the Carry Tokens script, so that a player can carry a torch and have Darkvision.  I am currently in a 5E campaign, and there really isn't a way to simulate that though.  Black and white lighting would be cool, but I wonder how that would work.  More Light! More Darkness! also, More Dimness?
Roll20 Team
Sorry to bring this news late, but this feature (as described in the original post) is actually part of our Updated Dynamic Lighting that's currently on the Dev Server for testing . We are still planning to change the aesthetic "filter" that Night Vision gives a token/player, but Pro Users, please head over to take a look. Then let us know what you think in the Pro Forum thread. .
Roll20 Team
Updated Dynamic Lighting is now available for everyone to experiment as we finish out the issues that remain. Night Vision has some aesthetic changes to the way it reveals for tokens, but as I mentioned in my last post, the feature requested is now available to subscribers.

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Roll20 Team
With the updates released yesterday for Updated Dynamic Lighting, this feature is now live.