Greetings Roll20 Community, The Roll20 edition of the Monster Manual is available now! Check out the details released on the blog a few weeks ago : ...the Monster Manual will expand the D&D 5th Edition Compendium to include all content from within the book. Similarly to Volo’s Guide to Monsters , you’ll be able to use the Compendium tab on the Roll20 tabletop to find Monster Manual entries, and drag & drop monster tokens from the book into your pre-existing adventures! When you drag & drop creatures from the Monster Manual, they will be integrated into your game with fully-statted tokens and Journal entries. As always, the Game Creator must have access to the Monster Manual to unlock that content. GMs can share rules, lore, items, et cetera with their players while in-game by dragging and dropping Compendium entries into the game. This will create a Handout of those entries, which GMs can make viewable to their players. See our Monster Manual wiki for help, have fun, & happy gaming!