This is a brief timeline of the history of Numeria. Not all events are included here; only the most relevant to the campaign we are running. Year Event Old History 3804 A massive spaceship crashes on the lands of Numeria, splitting into several pieces. This event is known as the Rain of Stars . The human Kellid tribes begin exploring the ruins, slowly and carefully. Numerous dangers and impassable barriers make this endeavor difficult. 3810 A Kellid barbarian chieftain explores one of the fallen ruins and triggers an explosion that wipes out his tribe, setting the taboo against the exploration and use of technology. 3811 Kellid tribes begin to systematically bury smaller technological ruins and artifacts (which were partially buried from the crash). The biggest fragment of the crashed starship, known as the Silver Mount, cannot be buried totally and is instead guarded so that no one can enter. 3896 The mad "Machine Mage" Karamoss develops his theory that all organic life was inferior to mechanical life and started ten years of preparation for a secret expedition into Numeria's Silver Mount (the biggest fragment of the crashed starship). 3906 Karamoss enters Silver Mount under a cloak of utmost secrecy. 3926 Karamoss emerges from Silver Mount transformed into a cyborg and turns his attentions far to the south toward the city of Absalom (outside Numeria). 3927 Karamoss creates the Red Redoubt siege machine and begins his siege of Absalom. 4308 Gojan the Sharp, one of the first Pathfinders, travels to Numeria to make a name for himself, hoping to explore Silver Mount. He contacts Black Sovereign Ontar, seeking permission to explore the forbidden location. 4318 After a decade, Gojan finally earns Ontar's blessing to enter the forbidden lands in his realm and explore Silver Mount. 4319 Gojan returns to Absalom with his findings from Numeria; a narrative detailing his journey and research is published later that year in the third volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles. 4320 Gojan returns to Numeria to learn more, but disappears and is never heard from again. 4606 The Worldwound opens to the north of Numeria and a demonic invasion begins, which continues today. Numeria is increasingly flooded with crusaders passing through on their way to the battlefront. 4607 Sindre Imeruss, a survivor of the spaceship crash, awakens and begins working to return home. In order to do so, she begins recruiting aid and preaching against the Kellid taboo on technology, resulting in the founding of the Technic League. 4615 Sindre and the Technic League reach Silver Mount. Her sub-commander, who wants the technology for himself, kills her and takes charge of the Technic League. 4616 The Technic League first manages to enter Silver Mount; explorations into the ruins continue to the current day. The Technic League faces numerous dangers, obstacles, and in-fighting. Still, it controls almost all the technology of Numeria and who can access it. The taboo against technology is significantly gone. 4621 Changing weather patterns in the region open a sinkhole at Crowhollow that exposes alien technology. The Mountain Crow kellid tribe does its best to hide this discovery from the Technic League. 4623 Technic League mage Alling Tresorant learns of the Crowhollow sinkhole and travels to it to investigate. The mage never reports back, instead taking up residence within the ruin. Within 5 years he and the entire Mountain Crow tribe vanish. Crowhollow is declared a haunted ruin by the remaining tribes. 4629 Crusaders start building Castle Urion, at Numeria's southern border, as a gift to the Black Sovereign. The castle is technically under Numerian control, but is occupied and run by Iomedaean crusaders. 4649 Exiles from the nation of Molthune abandon Canorate and found the town of Iadenveigh in south Numeria. Recent History 4650 The violet flame atop Torch's Black Hill first flares up. 4652 The town of Torch is founded in south Numeria. 4682 A strangely intelligent spider-like robot arrives in Numeria's Scrapwall settlement and establishes a hidden lair therein. 4683 Scrapwall is depleted of usable relics and skymetal. 4688 The kellid chieftain Keltus-Kant unites several Numerian tribes under his banner. 4690 Keltus-Kant makes Starfall his capital, forms an alliance with the Technic League, and becomes the latest Black Sovereign. 4703 Furkas is exiled from the Technic League for his religious beliefs. He builds the Choking Tower. 4705 Black Sovereign Keltus-Kant burns down the Starfall Pathfinder Lodge and issues a proclamation stating that any Pathfinders found stealing technology from Numeria are to be hanged. Pathfinders begin establishing secret lodges. 4708 ( International Event ) King Eodred II, of distant Korvosa to the west, dies. Korvosan Crisis begins. 4709 ( International Event ) Korvosan Crisis ends thanks to the Lucky Bastards mercenary company leading the Liberation War. Queen Cressida Kroft is crowned as the new monarch of Korvosa. 4709 First sighting of an annihilator robot in Numeria. It destroys some settlements before retreating into the Felldales with prisoners. 4710 The Technic League gains a powerful new leader, Regnar Kael, who reform and rebuilds its core structure into a more formidable organization than ever before. Current Year 4711, Calistril Present Year. The violet flame atop Torch ceases to burn.