This document tracks the passage of time for events that are actually played through the campaign (or close). Date Event 4711 Calistril, 8 The violet flame atop the town of Torch suddenly went out. The town's crucial blacksmithing economy is threatened by this. Calistril, 14 Torch's council member Konir Blaine disappears. The town is locked down with guards patrolling the streets and making sure that nobody leaves or enters the town without permission. A bounty is issued for any information or suspects. Calistril, 16 Torch's Ropefist gang shows up with an arrest warrant accusing five persons (our PCs) of murdering Konir Blaine. The thugs use force to apprehend the PCs. They are taken to the town hall for interrogation by the town council. Calistril, 17 Torch's council does not declare the PCs guilty, but order them to go to the Black Hill Caves below Torch in search for any clues about Konir. Dolga, a councilor, reveals that she knew that Konir went to these caves. In the caves, the PCs encounter several cave creatures including a band of skulks. They also find a big sturdy metal door leading to somewhere unknown. They strike a bargain and the skulks tell them that a band of humans went through the door earlier, and that they were able to pickpocket a journal, which belonged to Konir. Back in Torch, the PCs present Konir's journal as evidence to clear their names. Then they went to do some personal errands, including investigating more of the false accusation, visiting Konir's home, and learning of strange headaches happening in Torch's citizens. Calistril, 21 The PCs continue their investigations in Torch, also learning of occasional tremors shaking the town and of rumors that a woman with violet hair was seen near the caves. Garmeth invites them to Silverdisk Hall as an act of apology for causing the false arrest on the PCs, but once there, the PCs steal some papers from Garmeth speaking of a secret warehouse that needed to be protected, and also of other remarks regarding Torch's recent problems. The PCs go to the warehouse and forcibly enter it. Inside, they discover a bunch of Ropefist gangmembers. They fight them and also manage to capture Garmeth. They also discover a big strange device that was making some bizarre noises. They interrogate Garmeth in the presence of Dolga, who admits that he framed the PCs so he could “close the case” on Konir's disappearance and thus nobody would bother with descending to the Black Hill caves. He further admitted that on Calistril 4, a woman with violet hair offered him a deal to hide a big strange device in his warehouse, and then she went to the caves. The big device was inspected and the PCs found that it was being used to channel some kind of energy to the distant settlement of Scrapwall. Calistril, 22 The PCs prepare to go once again to the Black Hill Caves, this time equipped to go beyond the metal door. Once through, they discovered a bizarre, alien place: a dungeon made of metal walls (actually, the ruins of a crashed starship from outer space) with a big room with lots of desert sand. They fought some undead and tentacled creatures in such “desert” room. Then, further inside the metal dungeon, they found several holograms that spoke of the moments before the crash of the spaceship. Deeper inside the starship ruins, the PCs enter a “science deck” where they found several strange experiments. They also found a small band of Lucky Bastards low-ranking members who went inside the starship ruins before them, but were decimated by powerful robots. Two of them survived. The PCs rescued them and a ghostly woman named Zellara, who was with the Lucky Bastards, explained several things and aided them. The PCs continued to other rooms where they found Konir. They destroyed the robots holding Konir and took him back to Torch. Back in Torch with a disabled Konir, the PCs take him to Joram for healing. Meanwhile, the captain of Torch's guards captures a ratfolk who was sneaking into Garmeth's warehouse, but died. The PCs interrogate the ratfolk corpse with magic and learn more of the woman with violet hair. Finally, a small yet damaging earthquake struck Torch (apparently related to the tremors that have been happening before) and the violet flame shined again for a few minutes. Calistril, 23 The PCs, now called the Torch Bearers, prepare for a deeper exploration of the ruins. The ghost Zellara appears again to impart some advice and prophecies. They reach an “engineering deck” and battle many orcs and ratfolk scavengers from Scrapwall. They also fight some robots. Then, they encounter the woman with violet hair, who was an android named Meyanda. An intense battle ensued and the PCs cornered her. In exchange for letting her flee alive, Meyanda told the PCs a lot of information about her mission in Torch to steal the starship reactor's energy and channel it to Scrapwall, where her boss, a supposed demigod called Hellion, wants to power a secret weapon capable of conquering Starfall and Numeria.