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Edge of Empire Token actions


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Hi, I am totally new at using VTTs and I need some help. I am about to GM an FFG SW game and so I was scouring tutorials here and on youtube. But I have to admit macros are a bit over my head. So my question is, is there a way to create a macro that rolls initiative for a selected token, or roll attack with a selected weapon on their character sheet, without needing to navigate the character sheet (basically I am failing to turn these into token actions by myself). Please advise. EDIT: I would be able to set these up with generic dice but the EotE game uses its own dice rolling commands and what I don't get is how I can combine the two. Thanks!
The Aaron
API Scripter
Any action the sheet does will be in your chat history.  I'd suggest clicking one of the buttons on the sheet, then click in the chat and push up to get the command it used. 

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Sweet, thanks! Now, if I want to make this a generic macro, all I do is, change the item name to Selected_token in all the bits, right? EDIT: this is how the code looks for the selected stormtrooper minion squad !eed @{Imperial Stormtrooper Squad|npc-npc-pc} characterID(@{Imperial Stormtrooper Squad|character_id}) label(skill:Initiative Cool) skill(@{Imperial Stormtrooper Squad|npc-rankCool}|@{Imperial Stormtrooper Squad|npc-presence}|@{Imperial Stormtrooper Squad|npc-minion-group-size}|@{Imperial Stormtrooper Squad|npc-minionskillCool}) @{Imperial Stormtrooper Squad|npc-initiativeCoolDice} @{Imperial Stormtrooper Squad|dicePool}

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Forum Champion
Hi, GM Greg . To learn more about macros in general, I recommend reading through some of the pages listed on the Roll20 Wiki's Main Page , including: Macros & Text Chat Sheet Roll Buttons & Command Buttons Dice Reference & Rollable Tables Journal Attributes Abilities Roll Templates Tokens & Token Actions In your case, I recommended adding the Ability call corresponding to each Sheet Roll Buttons to your macro (as opposed to that Ability's value). Using the selected keyword with that Ability call will cause the Attributes within that Ability to use the selected keyword, as well.