We've taken Team A with us down onto Beck's World. Just so folks can visualize these characters and know the kinds of skills they are packing, I've put together a some brief profiles. (to get the images I just put the character's name into google search and selected the first cool image that I found. If you made one or more of these NPCs and imagined them to look different let me know and I'll fix it up). Each of these guys have a special talent listed under their profile pic, but all of them are reasonably good all round combat peeps. Ashter Billet - 69B7A8  5 terms Army (infantry). FIELD ARTILLERY Gun Combat (energy rifle) 2, Gun Combat (energy pistol) 1, Recon 1, Heavy Weapons (field artillery) 2, Sensors 1, Engineer (power) 1, Navigation 1, Streetwise 0, Drive 0, Physical Sciences 0, Life Sciences 0, Trade (hydroponics) 0, Athletics 0, Melee 0 Cybernetic Augment (Str +2). Back up engineer. Benjoe Garcia - B88874  5 terms Army (Cybernetic Shock Troops) CLOSE COMBAT / HVY WEAPONS Gun Combat (energy rifle) 2, Computer 1, Heavy Weapons (man portable artillery) 3, Leadership 1, Melee (blade) 1, Navigation 1, Tactics (military) 1, Trade (civil engineering) 0, Drive 0, Comms 0, Athletics 0, Recon 0, Decorated combat vet, but heavy-handed. Requires Anagathics. Enemy. Cybernetics: Internal Medkit (Left arm), Integral Blades, Subdermal Armor (3), Augment (Dex +2) Diana Jackson - 7A7957 4 Terms Army (Cavalry, Striker(sniper)) RECON / SNIPER Gun Combat (slug rifle) 1, Gun Combat (energy rifle) 2, Recon 3, Gambler 1, Leadership 1, Flyer (grav) 1, Heavy Weapons (Launchers) 1, Vacc Suit 1, Battle Dress 1, Animals 0, Trade (agriculture) 0, Drive 0, Athletics 0, Melee 0, Tactics 0 Augment (End+2). Leadership potential. Enemy, Rival. George Crester - 986768  2 Terms Marine (Star Marine) 2 Terms Army (infantry) SNIPER / HVY WEAPONS Gun Combat (slug rifle) 3, Gun Combat (slug pistol) 2, Gun Combat (energy rifle) 2, Heavy Weapons (launchers) 2, Heavy Weapons (man portable) 1, Sensors 1, Animals (ride) 0, Drive 0, Language (Trokh) 0, Medic 0 Cybernetic Augment (Str +2). Back up engineer.