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LFG language drop-down does not coincide with the game search

Forum Champion
Expected behavior of LFG search: Be able to search for, say, AD&D games that are in English. What it currently does instead: If I search for AD&D *AND* choose English in the drop-down menu, now it returns all the English games of any game system (English Pathfinder, English Dark Heresy, etc). It thinks I am searching for "any game in English" but I only wanted to narrow down the AD&D games that are in English. (Granted there are only a dozen AD&D games and I can easily see which ones are English on my own, in this case, but when more games are listed it would be nice for the Search feature to have the narrowing-down feature). Thanks again for the cool website and continual improvements.
Hmm.. That's odd. Perhaps I'm not understanding what you're doing. I chose "AD&D (1st Edition and 2E)" from the "Playing Any of These Games" dropdown and then chose "English" from the "Language" dropdown. This worked correctly to filter the search to only English language games of 1st and 2nd Ed D&D. Are those the same steps that you took? And it didn't work the same for you?

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Forum Champion
It's very nearly the same steps I took -- one thing different that I didn't mention in the 1st post: I wanted to search for games that are AD&D --OR-- D&D (Basic Expert Companion), AND English. So I am listing 2 games in the games field. I tested again, and it makes a difference. Sarah can you please try this next? Thanks for taking a look. When I search for AD&D AND English, it works as expected. But when I include both AD&D, and D&D (Basic Expert Companion), AND English , then it is oddly returning games of Pathfinder, 4E, Fiasco, Warhammer 40k, etc. If I search for 2 games, without a language, it works as expected (listing all the games in either game system, and no games that aren't in the selected game systems).
Ah, okay. I see it now. That is definitely unexpected behavior. Thanks for reporting it.