[LFG] Is it just impossible to find a group as a new player?

IM 24 years old. Ive never played a tabletop rpg before. Ive been trying for a few weeks to find a group on this site and most of the time I don't even get a reply back. I have somewhat of and understanding of how the rules work, I am REALLY excited to play. I love everything I learn about playing games in this style and the roleplaying, it seems like just a more structured extension of the type of daydreams I have every day anyway. I'm creative, I'm not going to sit there bringing the group down, but also not going to spam shit annoying and inturpt the game. Is there absolutly no group that will accept a new player or something? Is there some unseen rule I'm not sure of. Do I just need to lie and say Ive played a game or 2 just so I can ACTUALLY PLAY a game?
What games are you interested in?  What is your availibility?
Plenty of new players get snatched up all the time.  Like Steely Phil says, give your availability and the games you're interested in.  Be proactive.  There are a lot of games searching for players that are posted on the forums here everyday.  I've posted one of my own in the past day and still have two open slots.  There's nothing to be upset about.  Just send polite messages to some DMs and see what happens.
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We've all been there before. Don't give up on it, John! If I had room in my campaign I'd invite you right now! a few things that could help would be telling us what system you are most interested in learning. 5e is by far the most popular right now, with Pathfinder holding strong right behind it.  Are you into fantasy, steam punk, scyfi? are you wanting to play heavy RP, or hack and slash? what timezone are you in and what is your availability? these simple details can go a long way. I hope you find a game to get in soon! It can be a real bummer sitting and waiting for responses, but I see LFGs looking for new players almost every day, have you tried searching for Newbie Friendly games?
It's difficult to find a game as a player. There are just soooo many people looking to play vs the very few that are willing to run games. I suggest looking on http://www.reddit.com/r/lfg/ as well as here and any other place you can find. I know of several discord chats that are useful for finding one shots.
I'm Mainly interested in Dnd5e or pathfinder. I can't really say there is a reason, other than those are the big ones (and I may or may not have binge watched harmonquest)
If you are not interested in anything else, then I would suggest looking for games that are specifically aimed at new players.
There is a huge lack of Referees, and the Ratio of players to Dungeon Masters is about 15 to 1 or more. All it really takes is the right attitude, and persistence. Patience in this case is a virtue. And when you get into a game, treat the group and the DM right, because people that do not do not get invited back, and chances to get  into a group are slim. I clearly lay out what I am expecting for players. I approach people that submit to me politely first, and people that posted politely on forums, looking for a game.  But if It seems like the player is a mismatch for my style, I let them know that Again, what I am looking for is X. If they are providing Y, it won't work. Be clear on your experience, and what games you have played if any. Lack of experience is not necessarily a problem. Be clear on what time zones, and what day and time of day you can play, as these forums are world wide. I often take new people on board, because few others will, but I typically do not run D&D, I run sci fi games like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Traveller Mongoose 2e.
As one of the 1 out of 15 dm's I actually enjoy new people. Don't give up hope and most if not all the advice given has been spot on. Just be enthusiastic and willing to learn when you find a group and in no time you will get the hang of it all. Good luck
When I run something, I would honestly, rather have new players with maybe one experienced player.  It really depends on what kind of game the GM likes to run.  I'm big on the role play aspect, and I find that newer players are easier to set the mood of really getting into your character.  If I have a bunch of experienced players, we are more likely to spend a bunch of time arguing over rules that they are trying to twist in their favor lol.  I'm thinking about starting up an old school Vampire:  The Masquerade campaign that starts in the dark ages and works up to modern times.  If you are interested in that at all, send me a message.  Good luck out there :D
Same here, in fact it currently is my policy to only accept new players into my groups. I also very strongly agree with what James said above about treating the group right once you get in. I've had several players who've thought that the game was about them and their character only. Thus they got booted which was a shame for them knowing how hard it is to get into a group at all.
Hey John! Sorry you're having such trouble finding a game, I know it can be a pain sometimes. What's your availability? If you're free next Saturday the 25th at 4PM PST you're welcome to join my game, it's only a one shot so it won't be some grand long scheme adventure, but it'll sure let you get your foot wet :) Send me a PM if you're interested.
I've got a sandbox style swords&wizardry (0 edition d&d)game running that needs more players pm me if you're interested
If you really want to join a game, stay positive. Don't lament that you can't get into games: being negative rarely works out. Just my two cents.
It can be difficult to find the right game for sure, but keep looking and you'll settle in.
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John A, one key thing you should do is complete your profile (looking at it and there is nothing there) so that prospective GM's will have something to read up and help base a decision on. Many GM's get their first impression from a player's profile so this is your first chance to get your foot in the door, you should do your best to fill it out as complete and honestly as possible.
Could always help to improve the ratio. Watch a few live streams, read up on a corebook for a system you like, and host a game. GMing can be every bit as entertaining as playing, and if you let everyone know you're new, you'll probably have plenty of veteran players offer to help out. The more you play and connect with others, the more likely you are to start getting spontaneous game invites. GMing is pretty much a guaranteed shot at getting the ball rolling.
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I sent you a PM. /Matt