[ART] Areas of Effect

Stephen L.
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If you enjoy using the Areas of Effect API script, you'll likely enjoy the assortment of magical effect graphics included in my new art pack: Areas of Effect: The Script: The Art Pack. It features several different elements of magical effects, each with cone, sphere, line, and wall variations. The effects are colorful, have well-marked borders, and are semitransparent to make them easy to see and easy to measure out for use with the Areas of Effect script without completely obscuring the terrain placed them. Also included are magic circles of various alignments for your summoning and ritual-casting needs. Note: When using these graphics with the Areas of Effect script, you'll need to download the graphics first and then upload them to your library in order to use them in the script. See https://wiki.roll20.net/API:Objects#imgsrc_and_avatar_property_restrictions The art pack: https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/set/1439/are... The script:  https://github.com/Roll20/roll20-api-scripts/tree/...
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Magic circle of Friendship... I see what you did there :P These looks pretty good
Thanks for this, been wanting something besides auras to put effects