Group Initiative - help needed

Hi all, I'm trying to use the Group Initiative script and have it set up like so: !group-init --add-group --Stat-DnD dexterity !group-init However, it generates initiative rolls way above what would be possible (e.g. 35, 34, 28). The monsters in question only have a +3 dex bonus. Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? Thanks.
Without knowing which sheet you are using, I can only guess that you are adding their dexterity score instead of their dexterity_mod?
If you've added in the group for Stat-DnD Dex ... check the order of the initiative groups then delete the ones you do not want, or promote the group with the Stat-DnD Dex to be at the top of the list. 
Hi Robzer, I'm not even sure what any of that means!
I hear ya, Mark.  I have fixed this in two of my campaigns, relearning what to do both times, and I still forget the actual steps I used.  Should have written it down.  Let me see if I can get my mind wrapped back around it and get back to you ... or preferably someone else who knows this script better will chime in.  I'll be back ...
So I think the first thing I did was to enter " !group-init --add-group --Stat-DnD dexterity " into the chat. I think you have done that already.  This will add an additional rolling scheme to a list.   What we need to do next is either get the new group to the #1 position in that list by either "promoting" the new group to the top, or "deleting" the default group(s). So, Next I enter  !group-init --help into the chat and under "Bonus Stat Groups" section in the readout in the chat you should see an enumerated list of your groups.  In the chat you will see a ton of info on this API script along with some settings.  Just above the red/pink boxes toward the bottom, you will see the "Bonus Stat Groups".  I'm assuming you will see 2 in total, with the one you added at the bottom.  If this is the case we want to move the #2 group into the #1 spot, and thus I think I entered in the command  !group-init --promote 2  into the chat.  If you have more than 2 groups, you could instead use the  !group-init --del-group <number>  in the chat area to delete the ones you do not want.
That section to which I am referring looks like this for me (now) ... Bonus Stat Groups Stat-DnD( dexterity|current ) dexterity|current
Hi Robzer, That totally did it. Thanks so much for your help. Mark
Awesome.  I should save my notes for next time.
This was very clear and helpful especially since it's my first time successfully using any scripts.  It worked, thanks!