[GMLFP] Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition, Saturdays 7:00 PM EST, Skype for audio, no video. New Players Welcome.


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Image above by Frank Frazetta Come play in a primal world of savage barbarism, steeped in forbidden sorcery.  Slay your enemies by the dozen and let red rivers flow. Face hordes of unquiet dead and blasphemous demons summoned from the outer dark. Steel yourself against the madness of sorcerers so corrupt they are no longer entirely human. Join me in... BARBARIANS OF LEMURIA! Barbarians of Lemuria is a rules light Swords & Sorcery game that lets players take the role of savage barbarians (natch'), hardened mercenaries, ruthless assassins, half mad sorcerers, and all the other tropes one finds in the genre. I'll be using the Mythic edition of the rules, but not one ounce of experience is needed with the game. I've had the opportunity to teach the game on many occasions and I don't exaggerate when I say that most people grasp it in about 5 minutes. No knowledge is needed of the setting either, since it'll be a home brew (tone will be heavily inspired by the art of Frank Frazetta). Saturdays at 7:00 PM EST is a proposed time, but I do have a measure of flexibility here. I intend for this to be a pretty laid back game, so for the love of God, don't feel you need to write up an intricate character background with deep motivations and profound drives. Character concepts shouldn't be more than two sentences long : ) If interested, please post a reply below. Thanks for reading, Alex

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Hey Alex, I am definitely interested. I ran a few sessions under the previous edition some years back, but I've never had the chance to play. My one hitch is that weekly would be tough (family commitments), I could likely do every other. If that's an option let me know. 
Hi Rudedd. Every other week works for me. Like I said, this is going to be very laid back. No worries. I'll wait to see who else expresses an interest and then send out invites to the game.
We've got two players so far. That's enough to get it off the ground, but I'll accept up to two more if the interest is there. Thanks
Hey sounds interesting i'm a total newbie and don't know the game but i'm trusting you and it shouldn't be too much of a problem hopefully so if you're interested to have me to fill up some numbers i'll be happy to join (starting a bit earlier would be nice for me tho since i'm GMT+1) i don't know if its a one shot or a weekly thing if its weekly i'll have to make sure i can attend every week but we can talk about that if it comes to it
Hi Delson,  it looks like it'll be every other week. Hopefully that works for you. I'll send you an invite now. As for the start time, if earlier works for the other two players, I'm good with it. That said, I wouldn't be able to start more than an hour earlier (6:00 PM EST/ 12:00 AM your time) because prior to that, I'll still be at work.  That's three players. We have room for one more. 
Sadly, one player won't be able to make it due to scheduling, so there's an extra spot that's opened. 2 spots available.
I'd be interested i'm new to tabletop rpg's as a whole though, i'll leave trust in your training to try to figure out anything about the game :), i'm gmt so would be up for the earlier time
I sure love BoL. If there are still openings I'd love to join. I'm familiar with the system but I'm very new to playing online.
Hi Ronan, Grump. Invites sent.