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Converting meatspace initiative trick into macros or a script

Hello, So here's a simple trick I use in keeping track of initiative in Pathfinder or D&D 3.5. I keep a set of 3X5 note cards handy, each with a player's character name on it. Then when combat starts, I mix in a few cards for opponents, monsters and so on and then I sort these according to everyone's (Including NPCs) starting initiative checks. This allows me to do two things: It keeps track of initiative order for the rest of the combat It lets me move players and NPCs around if they are delaying or reading actions So I was wondering if I can use macros or the scripting API to do something like this? And is there a script that already exists that I can tweak?
Doesn't the turn tracker already do this? What's missing?
Ah, yes, I guess it does. I just hadn't played with it enough to see the full functionality. I can change numbers on tokens and then sort again before the beginning of the next round to account for delaying or readying actions. Thanks for the tip.
You can just drag them into different order as well.
Tsk! That's what I get for not reading the Turn Tracker documentation more closely! I wasn't aware of that either. Again thanks for the pointers.