I am looking for a Dungeon Master to embark upon a crazy, adventurous and ambitious collaborative world building journey with myself and a small handful of other players. Collaborative world building is an approach to Dungeons and Dragons that takes the responsibility for world building out of the DMs hands and shares it amongst all players, with the DM maintaining the final say. Before the campaign starts yourself and the players will spend one or two sessions developing the broad strokes of a world together, including what the world looks like, what and where the races appear, what religions are present and what conflicts divide the world. Players would then create characters in the world and, guided by you, the DM, will begin to give more detail and life to the parts of the world relating to their character. All this information is then used to create a sandbox style game wherein we explore and discover our world together! The benefit of using collaborative world building is you, our illustrious and generous DM, will end up with a cohort of players that are not only entirely engaged in the world, but also understand it as well yourself. So if you are a DM tired of having to do all the work, burnt out by the constant creative pressure of needing to plan out a campaign world or otherwise enjoy being surprised by twists, turns and bombshells that come straight from the mind of your players then this is the game for you! You would maintain control over who played in the game, and shall continue to have the final say over all decisions, without any of the pressure of needing to plan out every detail yourself. If you are interested, or have any questions regarding my proposal then please feel free to post in the DM Application thread bellow. I look forward to meeting you all and embarking upon this crazy adventure together. https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/67408/looking-for-a-dm-to-embark-upon-a-crazy-and-wonderful-collaborative-adventure-together