I am currently working on fixing at least one issue with the character sheet for the German system Das Schwarze Auge 4.1 (short: DSA4.1). Skill checks are relatively complicated and I do not want to go into detail. Therefore, just one example for a skill check on "singing" would look like this: &{template:DSA-skill-check} {{name=Singing}} {{check= [[ [[ {0d1+ @{skill_singing} - (?{Mod|0}) ,0d1}kh1]] - {1d20cs1cf20 + [[{0d1+ (?{Mod|0}) - @{skill_singing} ,0d1}kh1]] - @{stat1_singing} , 0d1}kh1 - {1d20cs1cf20 + [[{0d1+ (?{Mod|0}) - @{skill_singing} ,0d1}kh1]] - @{stat2_singing} , 0d1}kh1 - {1d20cs1cf20 + [[{0d1+ (?{Mod|0}) - @{skill_singing} ,0d1}kh1]] - @{stat3_singing} , 0d1}kh1 ]] }} That's pretty complicated and since that system works similarly for spells and all in all has more than 400 skills and spells, adapting all the formula for changes becomes a daunting task (or needs complicated regular expressions ;D). As I want to update the roll templates as well to show the individual dice rolls, the stats associated with the check, the current skill level and the modifier, I changed things a bit around trying to remove redundancy and make things easier to understand: &{template:DSA-skill-check} {{name=Singing}} {{skill-level=@{skill_singing}}} {{stat1=@{stat1_singing}}} {{stat2=@{stat2_singing}}} {{stat3=@{stat3_singing}}} {{mod=?{Mod|0}}} {{roll1=[[1d20cs1cf20]]}} {{roll2=[[1d20cs1cf20]]}} {{roll3=[[1d20cs1cf20]]}} {{check= [[ [[{0d1+@{skill_singing} - (?{Mod|0}) ,0d1}kh1]] - {1d20cs1cf20 + [[{0d1+(?{Mod|0}) - @{skill_singing} ,0d1}kh1]] - @{stat1_singing} , 0d1}kh1 - {1d20cs1cf20 + [[{0d1+(?{Mod|0}) - @{skill_singing} ,0d1}kh1]] - @{stat2_singing} , 0d1}kh1 - {1d20cs1cf20 + [[{0d1+(?{Mod|0}) - @{skill_singing} ,0d1}kh1]] - @{stat3_singing} , 0d1}kh1 ]] }} Now, the problem is that I can easily access all the properties in the roll template with {{stat1}}, {{roll1}}, {{mod}}, etc., but not in the value attribute of the <button>. Does anybody know if I can access these inside the check with methods available to free users? If so, how? The resulting check property would look like this and be more general: {{check= [[ [[{0d1+ {{skill-level}} - ( {{mod}} ,0d1}kh1]] - { {{roll1}} +[[{0d1+ {{mod}} - {{skill-level}} ,0d1}kh1]] - {{stat1}} , 0d1}kh1 - { {{roll2}} + [[{0d1+ {{mod}} - {{skill-level}} ,0d1}kh1]] - {{stat2}} , 0d1}kh1 - { {{roll3}} + [[{0d1+ {{mod}} - {{skill-level}} , 0d1}kh1]] - {{stat3}} , 0d1}kh1 ]] }}