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Trying to manage Art Library/My Library makes me weep


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The lack of basic functionality in the Art Library/My Library UI is probably a deterrent to users adding more stuff (which is bad, since that would in turn promote subscriptions). Some really basic things that should work that don't, or don't work as expected: - Can't multi-select in the left-hand column list (though that seems to be an overall UI limitation, so I can understand if that can't be fixed) - Clicking on an item in the "Recent Upload" list or from in the Library brings up the pop-up list, which has a few issues: - No easy multi-select (shift-click) makes this painful for managing a large library -- your only options are individual selection and select all.  If you want, say, half the things, welcome to RSI town, population you. - This is the only way to multi-select, but it is limited to Recent Uploads and stuff already in a folder -- you can't bring up search results in this box or search from it      - Dragging items to a folder in the right column is really finicky.  Getting the hitbox on an empty but open folder seems difficult/impossible.      - Why can't I upload directly into a folder? - Right click on an item in "Recent Uploads" has "Copy to Library" option - this isn't clear the "Recent Uploads" is not considered part of "My Library" Hopefully this interface can be fixed up.  It makes trying to manage an sizeable library really frustrating.  Seriously, try uploading a few hundred tokens and map tiles and then organize them into even a few folders and see if you don't want cry.  It's making me want to just upload then delete stuff from my library after use since I can't make manageable sense of it within Roll20 -- and if other feel that way, I expect you are losing out on a lot of subscriptions from folks who would happily pay for more storage if there was a way to effectively manage it.
I've been going through my library recently trying to organize things and it is a real mess. The tags I had applied to my assets before the change are still there so I can find stuff when I search, but new stuff isn't tagged so I decided to go through it and put it all into folders. Lots of click click click click. ad naseum. The "hide items already in your library" feature does not always work and it was not readily apparent that it was a toggle because it doesn't update right away. I get weird behavior with that and usually have to close the game and re-open it to get it to update that state.  Also lots of my older stuff had the file names changed to random stuff. Like I have a pirate than is named shelf.jpg. It's not even a jpg, it's a png, all the tokens are. Like I said the tags were still present so it showed up in the search correctly, but for stuff that never got tagged it's a real mess and I don't have time to change all the file names. You cannot multi-tag items in your recent uploads folder, that is a huge oversight. I am forced to move everything into folders before I can tag them all at once.  Which is not easy because of the lack of multi select, and after clicking on around 30 items the lag in the system gets so bad that it takes a few seconds to even recognize a click. Oh, and god forbid you accidentally click on the folder you are trying to drag your art assets into when you are trying hit the sweet spot to open the +. Suddenly your recent items folder closes and it opens the destination folder and you have to go back to your recent items folder and re-select everything again. It feels like an unfinished product, but I am afraid it's not.