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Drawing Tools: Show Size

It would be nice if the drawing tools showed the size of the thing being drawn as you draw it. If I want a box that is 12 x 18, it would be handy to see the size of my box right on the screen rather than having to hold the mouse steady and count the squares. It would be really, really handy if I'm zoomed out and am trying to draw a box 100 x 100 - my old eyes can't see squares that small and my ADD means a lose interest before counting that high.
as a workaround: you can measure out how long each side is, mark, and then make the shape. takes longer but it will get you there
Just use the poly line tool and snap to grid. Faster.
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Paladintodd, To do what HoneyBadger is stating you can hold the Shift key down to have either the Draw Shape (box) or the Polygon/Line tool snap to the grid intersections.
You're still counting boxes to determine the length.
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Just a note: you do not need to zoom out to do large boxes. Method 1: While drawing your box you can scroll using the mousewheel (shift+mousewheel for side-side scrolling). Method 2: Draw a box and then resize it to the desired size.