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Last 10 Rolls

The Last 10 Rolls would be more useful if it didn't create a new entry for a die roll that was already in the results. That result should instead be moved to the top. Or, make it work the same way that the Re-roll button does - it doesn't add a new entry. I tell my players to use the Re-Roll, but, ugh, players. Example: Playing Pathfinder, I roll a d20, I hit! I roll damage. The Last 10 Rolls shows the damage roll as the first entry and the d20 as the second entry. With the monster dead, I roll a d20 Perception check looking for treasure. The Last 10 now has d20, my damage roll, and a d20. We continue adventuring and I make 20 more d20 rolls - Perception, Stealth, whatever. The Last 10 rolls shows 10 d20 rolls. Combat breaks out, I hit again, I want to roll damage.... but my damage roll from earlier has disappeared off the list. Instead, I see only 10 d20 rolls which is not a good use of space. Instead, it should only be showing the two different dice rolls I've made - the d20 and the damage.
Dylan G.
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