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Your Library - Upload

It would be handy if you could add a Tag to all of the images you Upload while you are on the Upload tab. Right now, you have to upload them all, switch over to the library tag, select each of those images (at least they are in order), and then you can add a tag. Example: Generally, I gather together all of the artwork for an adventure in a folder - tokens, maps, etc. On the Upload tab I can drag & drop all those files onto the Upload - very easy. I then though want to add a tag to all of those images for that adventure so that later, when I'm putting together the maps and whatnot, I can find everything for that adventure easily.
Once you have uploaded certain amount of items, you can then proceed to "Your library" from the "Upload" and all the latest items (for your certain adventure) will be displayed first/top, you can click each item - all clicked items will be "selected", and then you can assign a tag to all of the selected items.
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
The name of the artwork is the first tag. I usually rename all my stuff to a more generic name before uploading. I have fighter1, fighter2, etc. to help with the initital tagging