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[Tip] How to make your D&D5 OGL Character Sheet shine like a Pro


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How to make your D&D5 OGL Character Sheet shine like a Pro Tired of your character sheet that is hard to read ? Did you try to find how to text format in the Wiki and found that it is sadly impossible ? Well, there's a way I found a few days ago, and I want to share it for those of you that are not already aware of this. Here's a tip for you  Use Unicode converters ! Unicode converters allows you to change the font of your text in a large variety of styles compatible with a lot of websites, including Roll20. Be aware that I only tested this with fonts and that some custom symbols might be replaced by empty squares on some devices (according to Scott. C just below). There are plenty available online for free, so just google for them (or look at SkyCaptainXIII's post just below). You can copy/paste a converted text on your D&D5 Roll20 OGL Sheets, Page names, Handout Names, Jukebox's Music Titles, and so on ! Here are some of the fonts you can get using this method : (I personally recommend using Math Bold and Math Bold Italic for D&D5 Sheets, see the examples above) Alright ! I hope you liked it and I hope to share this find for people like me that like clean, easy to read character sheets ! :p
Great post! Could use maybe some links to sites with a list of the converters, but other than that, it's good to know there are other options available. Perhaps you could contribute something about this to the Roll20 Wiki?
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Nice tip!

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@Jiro X : I wasn't sure if links like that were allowed in the forums... As I'm not familiar at all with the way Wikis work, if anyone stumbling upon this post knows how to add it on the Wiki, well, just do it already !
Scott C.
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I've started using unicode in some of my macros as well, and one problem I've noticed is that you do need to be aware that some browsers don't have certain unicodes enabled (and so they are just replaced with a square). Found this out real quick when I went to check a macro I'd made on my desktop (Win 10 Chrome) on my laptop (Mac Chrome) and discovered that all my unicodes had been replaced by the useless box. Admittedly, I wasn't using fonts, but just something to keep in mind if you're making something to be seen by more than just you.
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I've also used emojis when I need a little bit of color or iconography. I only use it on sheets that I am the only user of, so I don't really have to worry about readability for anyone else.
@keithcurtis : do you get real colors using emojis ? How do you do this ? :d
Bumping this for you ;o