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LFP Rotted Capes

A super hero utopia. Young trainees learning about their new powers. Hoping to make a difference in a world full of heroes. Little do they know they will be it's last hope. Rotted Capes pits newly sidekick heroes against zombie heroes in an all or nothing RP. Looking for about 5 players between 5 pm and 10:30 EST every week. Day TBD. 

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What can you tell me about the system? i can't find many details on it online at all.  Was primarily interested in charactergen options, can you create like, mutant/non-human heroes?
Heya! This looks interesting! My skype is ferelonshaderoot. Message me when you can! Im ah voice actor and love usin it when making up characters. I despise metagaming and even if it means mah character dies goin through ah door I'll still make up my character doin it if ICly the character doesnt know its ah trap. I love heavy rp and if ah campaign's 90% rp and 10% combat thats awesome.
I'm up to game if you have spots open and wouldn't mind helping a new player. I'm a quick learner and easy to get along with.  Care more for rp then optimizing my character.
I would be interested in playing. What system are you going to be using and i can play Sunday-Thursday 
If you end up running it monthly and on a weekend Please let me know.
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> here is the basic book. From what I understand 1 GM can run 20 people on it easily as far as combat goes. Which is good however this is going to be story driven. Basically a superhero utopia gets turned on it's heels when all the heroes get turned into zombies. You guys will be playing trainees(Sidekicks) who will have to step up to protect the last of the human race. It's going to be a weekly campaign. Played on Roll20 and Skype. Experienced and noob players are good. Everyone needs to be respectful. Send me your Skype names and we can begin.&nbsp;
I can't seem to find a download link on that page, are we required to purchase the PDF to play?
Absolutely not. I don't require players to purchase games to play. Just show up and have fun.
is it too late to try to join in on this game?
While I would like to join you, Skype and me are not on speaking terms. &nbsp;I do not suppose that you are willing to use Discord? &nbsp;At any rate, good luck and good gaming.
Ok guys things are coming along well. Have a few people interested. Cooking up some fun ideas. Character creation should start soon. Still waiting to hear from a few stragglers. But we should have a fair ammount of folks no matter what.&nbsp;
im down
Still looking for another player? I'd love to get in on this.
In case I haven't been clear about about it. The reason I ask for your skype is so you occasionally check it. lol