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Dynamic Lightning - Hardware Acceleration a requirement in Chrome apparently

Apparently you need to have Hardware Acceleration enabled in Chrome if you want to use Dynamic lighting. I can't see that mentioned on&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. If I disable Hardware Acceleration in my Chrome browser (Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)) maps with Dynamic Lighting freeze and is unplayable for me (works fine for other players at the same time). When I enable it again it the scene renders just fine. Why is this a problem? I prefer to have Hardware Acceleration off in Chrome, since when I watch Twitch while playing a 3D game Twitch stutters. My only option at the moment is to manually change this setting in Chrome whenever I want to use Roll20/Twitch, which is quite annoying. I have suggested Twitch to give the option to turn off Hardware Acceleration in their player independent of the Browser setting. For Roll20 I think at least one of three things should be done: 1 - Update the Dynamic Lighting FAQ saying that Hardware Acceleration in your browser is a requirement for it to work. 2 - Change so that dynamic lighting still works with Hardware Acceleration disabled 3 - Give a warning when trying to load a scene with Dynamic Lighting enabled when Hardware Acceleration is disabled in the browser.
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This is a known issue, however it appears that&nbsp; toggling the setting has different results for different people , if I understand what I'm reading.
The other thread is marked as resolved. Nothing really changed or investigated if it should be changed it seems. Whether the problem is with Google Chrome or Roll20 I can't really tell from that thread.
Franky H.
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Hey Gediablo, just wanted to let you know that I've updated the&nbsp; Dynamic Lighting wiki to show that enabling hardware acceleration should resolve most non-responsiveness cases. As to the why, Chrome changed the way their browser handles javascript a few months ago, which introduced the need for hardware acceleration to be enabled. If you have any other issues you need help with, please let us know!