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Add a new "Board Games" category in Looking For Groups


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Pierre S.
The game-finder in Looking for Groups has a box to search by game (and another box to search by a keyword). The box now accepts only input from a specific list of game titles. There is "Other Games," but I suggest that there should be a separate category for "Board Games" as distinguished from tabletop role-playing games. It is possible to port your board game into Roll20 by designing the board and tokens and making up Card Decks and Rollable Tables. However, so far the only named board games in the default list of games are Settlers of Catan and Munchkin. Should there be more? Should they all be fitted into the "Board Games" category? Are they the major board games organized here or are there others? Or should everything be put into "Other Games" in the sense of everything else, RPG or board?
I agree! There should definitely be a board game section, and maybe a card game section too. Or a board and card games... Maybe they could have 'board games' and 'tabletop rpgs' and then within those a further breakdown, so you could have catan and munchkin and 'other' within board games?
This does sound like a good idea. Board games are certainly possible on roll20. . Griatch
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API Scripter
I can get behind this.
I worked with my nephew to create a copy of a board game on here so we can play it together.
KS Backer
I agree this is a smart idea and should be easy to add to LFG.
the well really help me, not much of a rpg guy(well kind-of a rpg guy, but not big into it), more of a war gamer
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I know someone who wants to use roll20 for boardgames and wargames, so this seems like a good idea.
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As a workaround, you can set the category to "Other Games" and then put the name of the game in the title or description.