List of NPCs encountered in the campaign, along with a brief description and their current status. The list is ordered according to the time the NPC appeared (or was mentioned). Konir Blaine Well-liked councilor of Torch, mage and technologist, and owner of The Foundry tavern. Disappeared on a second expedition to the caves below Torch, but was recovered by the PCs from a starship medical lab. Later found to be an ex-agent of the Technic League who fled and hid in Torch. While in Scrapwall, he was ambushed and captured by League agents. Captured and Taken Away Garmeth Ulrich Owner of Silverdisk Hall gambling den. Of questionable moral reputation, but is very effective when tasked with both legit and shady businesses. Arrested by the PCs and then put to forced labor as punishment. Imprisoned Dolga Feder Torch's oldest councilor. An old female dwarf who was present at Torch's founding 61 years ago. She remains alert and energetic. Barlundi Oterby Councilor of Torch. He assembled Torch's guild of artisans and smiths and is a powerful person with money and contacts. Seranna Olandir Leader of Torch's council. Joram Kester Another councilor of Torch and religious leader. He is the keeper of the temple of Brigh. Silveron Troval Friend of Konir and Dolga. Knows about Numerian technology. Later was discovered to be a Technic League agent when he betrayed the PCs and led agents to capture Konir and Valaris. Unknown Sef Substitute leader for the group of skulks stranded in the Black Hill Caves. Went away to the Darklands Parda Half-orc woman and acolyte of Brigh; was found dead in the Black Hill Caves. Dead Gerrol Mercenary who belonged to Konir's expedition and died in the Black Hill Caves. Dead Emelia FianceƩ of dead mercenary Gerrol. Mylan Radi Torch's graveyard keeper and priest of Pharasma. Valaris 'Val' Blaine Adopted daughter of Konir Blaine. Young kellid girl orphaned by violence in Starfall. But in reality, as Konir admitted, she is a special android that he rescued from Technic League captain Garthone. While in Scrapwall, League agents ambushed her and Konir, rendering Valaris comatose during the fight. Comatose Garin Burwadle Bleached gnome who organizes and resells the stuff in Torch's junkyard. Smeltrunner Onah Unter She coordinates access to the violet flame. Cadel Lucky Bastard member sent to investigate in Numeria. Dead Kofar Lucky Bastard member sent to investigate in Numeria. Dead Valentia Lucky Bastard member sent to investigate in Numeria. Aided the Lucky Bastards during the Korvosan Crisis by acting as a spy for Marlow. Dead Nayana Lucky Bastard member sent to investigate in Numeria. Flink Lucky Bastard member sent to investigate in Numeria. Zellara Ghost of a Varisian fortune-teller that was with the Lucky Bastards found dead in Torch's underground starship ruins. With the PCs Hans One-Eye A bard and mercenary who was with Konir in his doomed expedition. Was extremely tortured by mad medical robots and Clarence killed him out of mercy. Dead Aaronlu Langer Captain of Torch's guards. Meyanda Android sent by Hellion to Torch to steal the energies of the violet flame. Battled the PCs but had to surrender. They spared her life and let her flee Torch, provided that she gave all the information they wanted. She then sent a messenger to Sevroth in Scrapwall asking her to aid the PCs. Unknown Hellion Mysterious figure in Scrapwall, claimed to be a demigod. Unknown Osric Iomedaean crusader. Clarence helped him against some hostile thugs and he recommended Clarence to join the Mendevian crusades. Zaitev Lieutenant of the Technic League. Appeared in Torch to demands taxes and ownership of the starship ruins. Garthone A captain of the Technic League. Was the employer of Konir. Andaleen Kraklos Sarenite crusader stationed in the fort Aldronard's Grave. Ewar Vress Smiler sargeant who attacked the fort Aldronard's Grave. Dead Marlow Bramblefoot A captain of the Lucky Bastards mercenaries who is overseeing some matters in Mendev and Numeria. Aldronard The ghost of a Sarenite knight who has been haunting a fort along the Sellen River for many decades. Sevroth Slaid Became leader of the Steel Hawks gang of Scrapwall. Struck a deal with the PCs and also made an alliance with the Redtooth Raiders. Birdfood Member of the Smilers gang that overtook the Steel Hawks gang with the help of the Ladies of Rust. Killed by the PCs. Dead Redtooth Ratfolk leader of the Redtooth Raiders gang of Scrapwall. Cherai A choker in Scrapwall that belonged to the Thralls of Hellion gang. A message by Meyanda urged the PCs to seek them if they want to know more about Hellion. Unknown Divanya Lanalei Reclusive inventor of Brigh hiding from the Technic League in Scrapwall. Ex-lover of Joram. Whiskfiss Brother of Redtooth. Missing Kulgara Leader of the Ladies of Rust Nalakai Cleric of the Ladies of Rust Helskarg Troll mistress of the Scrapmaster Arena Draigs Executioner of the Ladies of Rust Gunshy Big brute guard of the Smilers headquarters. Dead Marrow Leader of the Smilers gang. Dead Velesk Bindergorp Gnome of Chesed who might know more of anti-Technic-League rebel groups of Chesed. Missing Merisk Kauffan Leader of the Technic League agents of Chesed.