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Artemis 1111 Presidential Elections!


Edited 1488151292
Thought it'd be good to make a new post to keep a track of company "political" issues. This will be a tally of who has nominated, seconded, and voted (but not who for). Once nominations come in we'll get into the voting. And after that, we can build our wall. The Vargr are going to pay for it - believe me! And we will have a total ban of all Zhodani coming into the Imperium - until we can figure out what the hell is going on! Nominations - SHARE HOLDER REPRESENTATIVE. Candidate Nominated by Seconded Jeff Scardack Kayleb Groughtk Charoux . . Nominations - EMPLOYEE REPRESENTATIVE. Candidate Nominated by Seconded Grobble Jeff Scardack Charoux . . Crew: Has nominated Shareholder rep. votes Employee rep voted Charoux 10 Drex 2 Taroon 4 Rrounllakhs Vukhikholeg 3 Grobble ? Kayleb Groughough ☻ 8 Glaz Osridro ? Zaksidani Gharu ? Jeff Scardack ☻ 12
Jeff nominates grobble for employee rep. 

Edited 1488026254
(( The 'in character' nomination post I didn't have the mental energy to post earlier )) * During a communal meal Kayleb grinds out his cigarette, stands up and gains everyone's attention * G'day folks. Just a few moments of your attention thanks. You may have noticed the nomination board - that I recently nominated Jeff for the position of Shareholder Rep. I just wanted to let you know why. Scardack is the last remaining member of the board. The reason I was happy for him to be there in the first place is because I reckon he represents shareholders who weren't born to it or who aren't affected by a sense of privilege. Front line military service. You can't go through that without it shaping your priorities. Those are priorities I want representing my shares on the board. On top of that, he currently fills one of the crew positions that would have been filled by a robot. I personally pushed hard to make sure our steward, security and gunnery positions weren't entirely automated. For a lot of us on this ship, our continued employment depends on having board members who appreciate the fact that machines are tools, not replacements. Decisions, especially life and death ones, need to be made by souls with a conscience, not robots. When the money starts getting tight and we start struggling to pay salaries this is going to become an issue. I want board members who aren't going to go cheap and replace us with soulless mechanical shitecans. I also want to take this opportunity to encourage you all to engage, either to second nominated candidates or to nominate your own... or both. It's an utterly useless state of affairs at the moment. Company just got off the the ground and suddenly became a headless k'chook. The longer it takes people to nominate candidates, second them and then vote the longer we stay useless. I don't mean to crack the whip - but if you haven't nominated or seconded a candidate for the board then each moment we stay in our current state of affairs is your fault. Let's get this shite sorted eh?
Can we please leave the word “Presidential” out of this? It’s bad enough having to tolerate “President Trump” without having to tolerate “President Runt” on top of it. :P Charoux will Second Jeff Scardack and Grobble in that order, as possible. Most of the other characters haven’t passed Charoux’s long-term vetting processes yet, or are too hands-off on the things they should be hands-on about.

Edited 1488151393
L Tenacious Techhunter said: Can we please leave the word “Presidential” out of this? It’s bad enough having to tolerate “President Trump” without having to tolerate “President Runt” on top of it. :P Lol. Was kind of a joke. Not sure what you feel Runt has to do with it though? Fixing first post now with your secondage.  EDIT: Tried to edit the "Presidental" out of the topic title. Unfortunately I can't. We just need to treat it as an alternate fact and get on with our lives. Sorry. 
Tenacious Techhunter said: “President Runt”  That has a nice ring to it..