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Secret Doors, Interactive Doors and Such

Hi all! I'm relatively new to Roll20, well I've been a member since 2013 but I've just finally just started playing around with Roll20 since the physical group started getting harder and harder to keep together, but enough of that on to my question. So is there a way to make secret doors discoverable by players as they get close to the secret door? I got to thinking about this after playing around with it's a trap, which is fantastic!. I saw a thread from about 3 years ago that someone had done something similar where the players could interact with a token and they could roll pick pockets, search for traps ect.. Has there been anything like that since then? Thanks
Matt's door script will do all that and more, with the caveat that it needs some serious updating. I have found that it does not play well with other scripts. There may be others that I am not aware of. As for PP etc, skills you should get the Blindroll script, the player has no idea what they rolled, and you can adjudicate their actions. Macros are the best way to set up thief skills, and with blind roll they can be surprised by the reaction.
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+1 for Matts door script. I use it in every campaign. And an update is on the way I believe.
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I've been a staunch user of  Matt's script and haven't had much of an issue with conflict despite running MANY other scripts. It takes a bit of setting up and getting used to in the first instance but is well worth the time. Matt was working on a revamp a bit back but not sure he was able to complete it though :(