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Players Seeing GM Macro / Macro Bar

I've created a number of macros for the game I am DM'ing, but I only have one set to be view-able by players, yet when I join the game as player I can still see the entire list of macros on the macro bar. I have no idea why. Ideas? 
Because you're still the GM technically. Try joining as a player with a second account.
Forum Champion
The macro quick bar (macros made under the Collections tab) is tied to your account as Shaun --- note this is different from macros made under Attributes & Abilities tab of a Character Journal. So when you log-in as Player Shaun, it still has the macros quick bar settings from your account, even as you are Player. What you're seeing is the expected behavior there. Note that the checkmark for viewable by Players says viewable by ALL players (meaning other players, non-Shaun). If it's any player account other than yourself, they will only see the ones that you checkmarked to be viewable by all players. Wiki page, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
The Aaron
API Scripter
Macros are owned by a player. &nbsp;Even if you create them as a GM and allow players to have them, you still own all of them when you're a player.
Thank you all for your replies. This sorted it out.