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Tips for adapting the Palladium initiative to the turn tracker?


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The Palladium RPG initiative rules work vaguely similarly to Pathfinder and D&D 3.5. Everyone (PCs and NPCs) rolls a d20 to determine their ranking and ties force a some roll-offs until all ties are broken and everyone is ranked. So a macro like this seems appropriate: [[1d20 + ?{Initiative Modifier} &{tracker}]] Then the GM sorts everyone in the turn tracker in ascending order Resolves roll-offs without the macro (So as to avoid token initiative numbers changing) Then moves tokens to different ranks according the results of the tie breaker rolls The problem is Palladium requires this to be repeated every round so, what I want is a macro that can automate this, including all the tie breaking rolls before putting the final numbers into the turn tracker to be sorted. Is that possible? Or do you have some tips to help speed this process?
That sort of automation, comparison and re-rolling cannot be done with a simple macro. The API could handle it like a champ, and since you're a mentor-level subscriber, you can use it.
John M. said: The API could handle it like a champ, and since you're a mentor-level subscriber, you can use it. Do you have a some examples to point me toward? Otherwise it sounds like Palladium initiative should just be resolved by normal die rolls and then by manual sorting in the turn tracker for each round of combat.
The first four scripts in the (out-dated) listing of all available API scripts post all focus on initiative and the tracker, these would be great places to start. What you want to do isn't hugely complicated, and with a bit of effort (much less effort if you already know how to program Javascript) you can probably cannibalize one or more of those scripts to do what you want. Don't forget to check out the API forum and even ask for assistance. There are helpful people in the forums that will lend a hand or point you in the right direction. Don't forget to share your script once you get it working, others might be looking for the same solution and you might even help convince a free- or supporter-level user to buy a mentor subscription and help everybody by reaching Roll20's finance goals.
Yes, I've written and tweaked JavaScripts for web development before so this should be a good start. Thanks!